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Metal Matris to hold on R&D projects

metal1Metal Matris to keep working on R&D projects for its new spring line.

Metal Matris, one of the biggest mattress spring producer companies in Turkey, is ready to launch a new spring collection line in 2015. Mahmut Öztürk, International Trade Manager of Metal Matris, informed us about activities of the company and made industrial considerations. He defined the specialties of the mattresses bothpopular in Turkey and worldwide, “Latest researches indicate that spring mattresses are preferable in Turkey at a rate of 80% as is the case for Europe and the U.S.A.

As for foam rubber mattresses are preferable in oil producing countries. Both foam rubber orspring mattresses are sold evenly in smaller countries.” We conducted an exclusive interview with Mahmut Öztürk. Full text of the interview follows:

Can you make a consideration for the recent situation of the industryand market?

“Because of the volatility of the dollar; the markets are having a hard time recently. People stop buying to prevent failures during volatile terms. Commercial traffic is affected and dealings are postponed; because no one knows what will happen. Most of Arabic Countries, Russia and commonwealth countries have Money shortage. Thus transferring Money has a lot of restrictions. To sum up, everything is pending.”


How was exportation in 2014?

“Against all odds exportation was accomplished. We made investments on export business. The activities were not beyond expectations.  Our main products pocket and bonnell spring and spring wire. We invested for high tech pocket spring production. We made some marketing plans to reap the fruits of investment and we achieved. We have bigger targets for this product.

Pocket spring is a flexible, satisfying and demand retailed product.”“Anyon e can acquire a differential product by the way of changing flexibility. In this sense we serve our bulk products, for furniture or mattress manufacturers. Our prior and major job is to supply bulk products. Products are simply flexible and favored in global industries. We are improving our new products along with bright ideas to satisfy demand.”

What are Metal Matris Company’s recent activities about this subject?

“Our activities are not about product development department that enhances existing products.

Our operations occur within the R&D activities. We have capacity planning calculations about pocket spring. Sizes are also noted for spring wire. We make strict calculations for them all. Spring buyers need to produce or buy the rest of the materials to produce mattress or furniture. Carbon composition, resistance and sizes are important for springs. We keep studying on R&D for some new products. We are going to present them to clients at Interzum Fair in Germany in May 2015. This fair is like the center of the business world.”

Having fun while manufacturing “Pocket spring manufacturing  involves stiffening cloth. It has differential weights in grams. Product named “Needle Punch” is not very popular in its segment. It is fundamentally a very soft and nice product. But it is sensitive. Therefore, production efficiency is low and the cost is high. Garment characteristics are softness and transparency. As a result it’s flexible and clear. It’s not for customer observation but enjoyable for manufacturers. We care for manufacturers to enjoy the process.”


Can you spot the usage of mattress techniques globally?

“When we say globally, There are two groups of type of production of mattresses: Inner spring and non inner spring. The usage  changes by geography, culture,and climate. Every country has its own choices. If the petroleum is cheap, foam rubber mattresses are popular. Spring mattresses are not popular in Africa. Costs are expensive for them. In Europe latex boosted lately but spring mattresses are still the most popular. Pocket spring mattresses are in demand. We can easily say that spring mattresses are preferred at a rate of 70%.”

Spring mattresses are the most popular at a rate of 80% in Turkey. Mahmut Öztürk, International Trade Manager of Metal Matris, finalized his brief as a summary, “Small countries can be different but, in Europe and the U.S.A. spring mattresses are preferred mostly. Rates and tables are similar. Spring mattresses are the most popular at a rate of 80% in Turkey.”