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Ministry of Health tightens controls in bed and pillow manufacturing

Tests carried out by authorities of Ministry of Health showed that some products that have anti-bacterial product label do not conform to the standards. Sanctions will imposed on the companies, the ministry sources said.

According to the news published by Daily Dunya, Ministry of Health in – creased controls in pillow and quilt manufacturing companies, including the larger ones. It was alleged that products that are sold with labels of anti-bacterial product category, actually do not conform to the la – bels. Samples were collected from sellers to test, in case the products have problems, companies will be subject to sanctions and penalties.Representatives of the industry says that the products labeled as anti-bacterial should be conformable to the regulation called Biocidal Product, that was prepared in conformity to 98/8/EC directive of European Union and regulation 528/2012/EU. Published in the Official Paper on 12 March 2014 the biocidal products are defined as: “Products that contain one or more active materials, offered to sale as end product, having any kind of chemical and biological effects on hazardous organisms or any active materials that limits, keeps away, protects or removes them.” Authorities said that, biocidal products should have been certified on their conformity to the conditions and specifications for classifying, labeling, packaging, and safety, and their promotion as shown in the regulation. Customers are advised to check the authenticity of the products and their conformity to the certificates and labels of the products. Representatives of the industry point out the fact that one third of human life is spend in sleep. During this long period, sleep products touch the skin of people. So the materials used in the manufacturing of sleep products, such as beds, pillows, and quilts, bear vital importance. Polimer fibers obtained by recycled materials are major inputs for bed and sleep products manufacturing. In case that they are not inspected regularly they may contain hazardous chemical and dye residues that may cause harm on the body through inhalation and perspiration.