Anasayfa / ACCESSORIES / Since 1996, Iki Yildiz Orme produces mattress-ticking fabrics

Since 1996, Iki Yildiz Orme produces mattress-ticking fabrics

Producing 3,500 kilogram of knitted fabrics daily, especially for the bed industry, Iki Yildiz Orme adapts itself to the developments in the mattress industry.

Bulent Nam, general manager of the company introduces his company.

On history of the company

We had been producing fabrics for apparel and imitation leather industries on demand when we founded our company in 1996. In 1988 we began to produce knitted fabrics for bed industry. With their softness, flexibility, air permeability and aesthetics beauty, our fabrics are preferred by mattress manufacturers. Besides we produce, dry touch fabrics, fabrics for draperies used in vehicles, and fabrics for upholstery.Production is made on order of our customers specifically. Each customer has his own motifs. We produce single and double premier fabrics used in visco beds and in furniture manufacturing.

On Turkey’s position in bed fabrics

We can say that fabric producers in Turkey are at a leading position. Many of our producers sell their products in many countries, so they may determine the conditions in markets. Total production capacity of the industry is ever growing. We see that trend in bed fabric is for the knitted kinds. The industry has been equipped with latest machinery of 5 to 6 month old.

Advice for the betterment of the industry

Companies should empower their research and development activities even more. They have to use organic, healthier and high quality yarns instead of the synthetics.

On exports

We export our products to Bosnia, Hungary and Russia. We try to increase both the number of export markets and sales in them.