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Buyers now prefer Turkish mattress machinery manufacturers more

Being a developed country requires having high level of production power, and machinery manufacturing industries are highly important in this regard.

With its ever and fast growing econo – my, its rising value and respect, Turkey has been improving its “made in Tur – key” image in many of the industries. Progress in manufacturing and produc – tion industries is especially important in a country that has a large manpow – er, like Turkey. Production ignites sales increases and especially the exports in positive direction. Besides having a power to produce better and quality products and to export them, utilizing the latest technology in production and coupling this with manufacturing power is more important for further development. In official documents of European Union, there is an emphasis on this issue, and it says “machinery industry is an important part of engi – neering industries and this is the most basic pillar and a major base of the European Union.” During a period of in that manpower has been replaced by machinery and machine power, the issue have become more critical for the developed countries. On the other hand, this development leads to having more and more educated, knowledgeable and high-talent and high-capacity workforce.

Great support to Turkish machinery industry by mattress machinery manufacturers

Contributions of mattress machinery manufacturers are growing in Turkey where machine industry in general having been developed. Those pro – ducers who export their products to many countries from Argentina to Rus – sia, from Africa to Turkish speaking re – publics in Asia are the most important symbols of the economic and manufac – turing power of Turkey. Research and analysis we made among the mattress machinery manufacturers have shown that they are especially eager to export more to international markets. Data show that more than half of the mattress machinery manufactured by Turkish companies is exported.

Turkish producers removing the footprints of Far Eastern manufacturers

There is a saying in Turkish folklore, “Cheap is dear in the long run.” That means, in the opposite, “every penny can only get what it deserves”. Years ago, products of manufacturers in Far Eastern countries were preferred by the buyers thanks to their highly attractive prices. The products were of low quality and they are not favored now. At his point, the high quality of mattress manufacturing producers in Turkey emerges. Major factor of their preference over others is this quality and their highly developed after sale services of the manufacturing companies. Turkish manufacturers of mattress machinery will become more competitive in the future in the eyes of bed producers who try to reduce their costs and prices. The following are the comments by some of the Turkish mattress machinery producers:


What do you think about the mattress machines manufactured in Turkey? Could you tell us about developments in the industry?

When we look at the topic from an international angle of view, we see that Turkey dominates a big percentage of the market by providing product quality, durability, after sales services and pricing. We really appreciate all the industry members for their great efforts to develop Turkish Machinery Branding. I am sure this will be much stronger with further developments on our products and operations. Turkey has realized some great success in manufacturing mattress machines.

Are there real differences between made in Turkey and other origins of machinery?

We globally divide the machinery sectors into 3 groups according to machines’ origins of manufacture, as Turkish, European-North American and Chinese-Taiwanese machines. Of course European-North American machines used to dominate the market for years, and now they are much weaker than they used to be against the price advantage of Far Eastern and Turkish machines. However, far eastern machines usually discredit the customers with their after sales services, durability and technology of their machines (although we rarely see acceptable products as well). So what Turkish machines role in the global market is, we provide the state of the art products with the high efficiency, technology and durability as European-North American ones, while keeping the prices quiet advantageous. On the other hand, customers feel much more secure (compared to Far Eastern machines) due to our capabilities to sustain long term relationships with them by supplying after sales services, flexibilities and so on.

What should be done to produce better quality machinery and development of the sector?

I think nowadays, Turkey is on the right way. What we have to perform are sustaining the long term relationships with the customers, investing on high tech equipment’s’ developments and creating global prestige for any Turkish machines by encouraging ourselves.

Is there anything you would especially like to mention?

To sum up, we appreciate all the individuals that contribute this industry for their great efforts. I claim we will be much stronger as Turkish brands globally if we sustain and improve this prestige and passion. Thank you.


What do you think about the bed machines manufactured in Turkey? Could you tell us about developments in the industry?

n the beginning, Turkish manufacturer started with manual machines in small ateliers. These machines which were manufactured based on European machines, have responded to the needs of the sector during those days. That was similar for Mert Makina’s process of development. Even then Kayseri was a manufacturer center of mattress and furniture and in regarding to this requirement, we have started 20 years ago as our first step with manual tape edge machines. At the same period, manual tape edge machine was followed from manual packing machine, some mattress border machines and some supportive machines to the sector. After these sectorial developments, the first mechanical quilting machine was developed by just two companies in Turkey– one of these two improvers was Mert Makina.Since that time, the Turkish machinery manufacturers were hard competitors for the European machinery manufacturers. High prices, uncommunicative attitudes about technical services and supplying spare parts’ difficulties were negative factors, why the Turkish mattress manufacturers decided the domestic machines. The local demand was so high – about to 50 mechanical quilting machine was yearly sold by Mert Makina. That was an important milestone for our growth and our current popularity. Nowadays, you can find our machines nearly in all local mattress manufacturers. The next development was – according the automation trend in the world – about the automatic machines. 10 years ago, Mert Makina interpreted this trend as starting signal and began to manufacture the automatic tape edge machine, automatic packing machine and computerized quilting machines. The first computerized multi needle-quilting machine in Turkey was manufactured 5 years ago by Mert Makina. Observing the mattress sector, Turkey has no more not only a central position for raw materials. Today, Turkey has also for the mattress machinery sector the same title. Thanks to its brands, companies and its perception of quality the Turkish products are demanded from a lot of mattress producers worldwide – from Europe to Africa and from Asia to America. Turkey has realized some great success in manufacturing mattress machines. Are there real differences between made in Turkey and other origins of machinery?

The Far East machinery manufacturers are completely focused on low prices, not on quality.Because of this wrong focus, the lifecycle of their machines is shortened. In the opposite of that Turkish manufacturers are focused on quality, so we can give long years warranty thank to raw materials with best quality – all electrical equipment from European and iron steal from Turkey. In addition, qualified workforce is one of the most important factors for our qualified production. On the other side, when we look at the European and American side, we see clearly that the manufacturers decrease their capacity and they have to reduce their R&D budget. We forecast that they haven’t anymore added technical innovations to their machines. This helps us to catch their technical stand. In the meantime, they desire our machines under their private label. Even some of them offer us to sell their brands.


What you think about the bed machines manufactured in Turkey? Could you tell us about developments in the industry?

n the past, Turkey was one of the countries that could capable of manufacturing mattress machines. Our country was on the point of importing the mattress machines’ spare parts and the equipment from abroad. The dependence of using these types of technologies was bringing many disadvantages to our country. The sector was having difficulties of finding special designs of mattress machineries which could help the special patterns and the products. Manufacturer companies had to manufacture the mattress machines that could satisfy the technology needs for years. This made the import companies less competitive. Therefore, the mattress companies’ technology helped the industry to respond to the evolving and changing needs of the world to come to a level consisted of a driving force. Now, Turkey has become an important force in manufacturing mattress machines.

Turkey has realized some great success in manufacturing mattress machines. Are there real differences between made in Turkey and other origins of machinery?

Parallel to the development in manufacturing mattress machines in Turkey, there is also important development in the quilting machineries. There are now faster and high quality quilting machineries which are also needed by the continuous quilting machineries serving for the manufacturer. Even though these machineries are serving the same quality and the technologies in the world, give more competitive field to the mattress manufacturing companies than their competitors. Turkey now has become an importer of the mattress machines and the quilting machineries technologies country.

What should be done to produce better quality machinery and development of the sector?

It is very important for the sector to manufacture better quality of the machinery and to produce it. It brings more R&D and innovation to the companies in this field. The companies with labels that can able to do this (made in Turkey) will help to introduce the quality of labels in the worldwide.

Is there anything you would especially like to mention?

Our labels companies in Turkey have a feeling of high proud of developing the technologies without the lack of behind the


Bed industry is a newly emerging sector and a specific culture in Turkey. For those who are going to buy a mattress the quality and health issues are the most important, because, bed is one of the most important factor in human lives. They spend a major part of their lives by sleeping. Kar Makina aims to produce the highest quality machinery for bed industry and try to increase the pace of bed manufacturing processes by engaging research and development activities. Although being younger than its rivals in the bed machinery industry, % 60 of the production is sold to export markets. Bed manufacturing machinery produced in Turkey is both sufficient in terms of quality and production processes. Since the materials, forms and solutions have been changing continuously, marketing of mattresses is an ongoing process and there is more potential for further development. Production process is mostly standard in the industry. For this reason, some of the bed machinery producers do not make new models for new beds. However, foreign producers offer new beds and new mattress machinery to increase their sales. The only difference between Turkish and foreign producers of machinery is this. Only he machinery manufacturing has no industrial value. But, it becomes more valuable when other stages of value production, including manufacturing, marketing, promotion and service, were taken into account as a whole. Companies who manage this earn more than others.


Turkish made mattress machinery should have been improved more in the future. There are serious efforts in the industry to produce high quality, customer focused machinery by research and development activities. Bed machineries are becoming more competitive year after year. For example, a different flange system has been used in bed overlock stitching machinery than their counterparts in abroad. This system is more practical, more operator-friendly, and less noisy. We developed a new machinery that can stitch both the thinnest and the thickest fabrics at the same precision without being folded. It is also faster than others. Bed manufacturers can feel the difference when they test and see the results produced by our machinery. We have to be more sensitive to ideas and solutions in bed industry, as machinery producers in Turkey. We ask Turkish producers of mattresses that they should test our machinery and should make extensive research in the market. All our machines are patented products and customer satisfaction has a paramount importance in our company.