Anasayfa / ACTUEL / Nerteks – a respectful brand in the yarn and sewing thread industry for over 4 decades

Nerteks – a respectful brand in the yarn and sewing thread industry for over 4 decades

  • Working with leading manufacturers at home and abroad, the company renders services for all production stages such as quilting (top and bottom threads), tape edge, lockstitch, furniture upholstery, and decorative sewing


Nerteks is one of the leading industrial thread manufacturers in Istanbul, Turkey. In 1969, Nerteks was established as a family company to provide industrial yarns, threads, and textile sub-products. With 18 years of experience in production, Nerteks develops new products and produces high-quality threads in its manufacturing plant which has a 12,000 m² closed production area. Its environmentally friendly factory is located 40 miles from Istanbul and is equipped with the latest technology. We asked the details of their success story to Merve Erdogan Sombatpanich, member of the board of Nerteks.


Which products does Nerteks manufacture addressing to the mattress and furniture industries?


Nerteks provides an extensive variety of threads used during all sewing operations in mattress, bed, and furniture manufacturing. We produce our goods in a wide range of thread types and colors to create solutions for all production stages such as quilting (top and bottom threads), tape edge, lockstitch, furniture upholstery, and decorative sewing. We are growing day by day.

With more than 40 years of experience in the yarn and sewing thread industry and long R&D works, Nerteks Iplik is excited about producing antimicrobial, flame retarding, meta-aramid, and para-aramid threads. Our products are specifically enhanced in close collaboration with mattresses, bedding, and furniture producers to deliver maximum productivity and the best quality of seams in the finished product.




  • Continuous Filament Polyester Sewing Thread (HOT)
  • Textured Polyester Sewing Thread (NERTEX)
  • Cocoon Bobbins (NERKOZA)
  • Polyester Corespun with Polyester Wrap (POLY MAX)
  • Staple Spun Polyester Sewing Thread (MASTER, SPRING)
  • Polyester Corespun with Cotton Wrap (JOKER)
  • Mercerised Cotton Sewing Thread (ON)
  • Cotton Sewing Thread (MISRA)
  • Stretch Sewing Thread (NERFLEX)
  • Monofilament Nylon Thread (NERLON)
  • Technic Threads (Antimicrobial, Flame Retarding, Meta-aramid and Para-aramid)


How are the yarns of Nerteks used in the bedding and furniture industries developed?           


Choosing the correct thread for a high-speed machine is important to achieve maximum performance in production, meet specific demands about targeting the most efficient production, and deliver maximum performance by machines. Our superior quality products are engineered in collaboration with leading manufacturers in the industry. Nerteks, with a professional team, develops an extensive variety of threads depends on your machine needs. We find solutions for the problems encountered in bed, quilting, and furniture manufacturing.


Why should the companies operating in the mattress and sleep products industry prefer Nerteks products?


I wish to specially mention that we are a customer-oriented company that has a strong relationship with customers based on trust and certainty.  To solve problems and add values, we always aim to understand the needs of our customers. Our business relationships and fast-moving industry keep us motivated and maintain doing new researches and developments for our production. We push limits to serve the latest and the best quality goods with our investments in innovation.


We believe the reason makes us one of the leading thread manufacturers is being aware that we are responsible for our customers, our people (employees), our society, and nature.


Are you making your plans for participating in trade fairs in 2021? Which fairs are you considering to attend in 2021?


As a regular exhibitor, we are planning to join Interzum Cologne in 2021.


Do you have any new investment projets?


We are working on increasing our production capacity by 30% in 2021. With new advanced winding machines, we believe Nerteks Iplik will have a rapid climb in our domestic and international sales.


How is 2020 going? In the Covid-19 epidemic, which affected the whole world, economic activities were also changed along with social life. How have your sales operations changed during this period?



Manufacturing during a pandemic has been a learning experience for us. Most suppliers and producers (both domestic and international) agree that demand across much of the industry ground to a halt in March and April led by the shutdown of factories. Beginning in May, that situation changed. Ordering began rising quickly in May. By June it had exploded. The rapid rise in retail orders puts enormous pressure on manufacturers and suppliers to reverse shutdowns and get up and running quickly. The global demand for bed products has also increased to a substantial extent. Nerteks Iplik has been running heavily during the whole year.