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Nerteks İplik holds the pulse of the sector for the 6th time at Sleep Well Expo

Known in commercial world in Turkey since 1969 Nerteks Yarn company, a sewing thread manufacturer, now promotes its name in the world markets by closely following the developments in overseas markets. Nerteks Yarn now is participating in Sleep Well Expo’19 this year. Semiha Ulusoy, the sales representative of the company, has been participating in Sleep Well Expo since it was first held in 2014. Sleep Well Expo is an important and effective organization where the leading companies and representatives of the sector meet, and it offers the opportunity to meet with both existing and potential customers.

In recent years, progress of the companies in Turkey has improved competitive positions of them in export markets. They began to play an active role in overseas markets by following new technologies in the sector. Keeping the pulse of the industry, Sleep Well Expo offers opportunities to open up in new markets. Ulusoy said, “Western Europe, Central Europe, Balkans, Ukraine, Russia, Turkic Republics, North Africa and Middle East countries constitute our current customer portfolio in target markets. Our target markets include the USA, Canada and other South American countries.”

Ulusoy added the following sentences for the fair works: “Our company, which is one of the leading suppliers of the sector, has a complete product range covering all aspects of the mattress production process, in various types and thicknesses, colors and features. We closely follow the international developments and innovations in the sector and produce different solutions according to the needs of our customers. We also offer flame retardant, anti-static and antibacterial products according to the type of mattress to be applied.”

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