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New energy efficient melter: Vision

On March 17/18/23, 2021, Robatech presented Vision, the new energy-efficient adhesive melter for high-quality adhesive application, in an online world premiere. The Swiss manufacturer developed a smart melter on a completely new platform with a space-saving design and innovative features for safe product gluing and cost-efficient operation.

“Vision is a completely new adhesive melter that opens up a new dimension in gluing,” explained Martin Spalinger, Director Strategic Marketing & Innovation. “The adhesive application is as repeatable and consistent as Swiss clockwork.”

Vision gently melts even demanding thermoplastic hot-melt adhesives, maintains a constant adhesive viscosity, and conveys hotmelt at a consistent pressure to the application head. This significantly increases the reliability in high-precision adhesive applications, which is particularly needed when gluing primary packaging. Compared to the predecessor model Concept, Vision requires 20 % less energy.

Smart Terminal relieves the operating personnel

With the Smart Terminal, Robatech introduces an excellent feature to the melter market. Current operating and status information is displayed in changing colors via an LED strip on the device. The advantage: Even from a distance, the operating personnel can recognize whether the gluing process is running smoothly or whether, for example, the adhesive needs to be refilled. Displays of the current pump pressure, status codes, and four function keys facilitate operation and rapid intervention.

Flexibility for installation and system integration

Vision offers machine manufacturers many options. The melter can be installed lengthwise or crosswise: it is operated remotely or via the optional Touch Display, which is mounted at the front or side. The innovative 45-degree FlexPort connection surface allows heated hoses to be connected at different angles to save space. This gives customers the flexibility to position vision at the shortest possible distance from the application heads, keeping the heated hose length short. Besides that, the Robatech Control System offers open interfaces and standardized Fieldbus protocols for easy integration into complete systems.

New heated hose for high-precision adhesive application

Robatech surprised with another new product at the world premiere: Performa. The new heated hose is suitable for viscosities from 100 to 20,000 mPas. It requires up to 45 % less energy than conventional heated hoses, such as Robatech’s Enduro. With the development of the PrimeConnect plug coupling, Roabtech has achieved several goals at once: Customers can connect Performa via plug-and-play quickly and error-free without special tools. Also, the adhesive viscosity remains constant even at the connection points to the melter and application head. PrimeConnect is fully insulated and eliminates the usual thermal bridges.

Modularity for a new dimension of gluing

Robatech also fulfills the promise of high backward compatibility with its latest products. Vision is compatible with heated hoses and application heads built in 2000 and later. Performa can be used with Concept series melters in combination with Enduro heated hoses. Customers can gradually retrofit their existing equipment with energy-efficient system components and optimize adhesive application quality. Further information can be obtained at