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New investments by Şişmanoğlu

Producing bed wicks, capsules and labels for the mattress industry, the company moves to a new facility.

IMG_3939Having more than a hundred varieties of bed wicks in its product line, the company produces also other materials used for embellishing mattresses. Proprietor Tahsin Sisman, emphasizes on labor discipline, informed about his company.

We have plans for new operations in coming periods. We start with the construction of a new facility on 250 thousand sqm. IMG_3998 land, where we are going to built an integrated factory for larger production runs. When completed we will serve to our customers coming from abroad with our professional organization.
In line with construction, our machinery inventory will be increased. About 60 machines will be operational in this facility. We will buy new generation machines for especially printing purposes.
IMG_3977Our production is to be sold 60 % in export markets, and the rest will be delivered to domestic buyers. Our products are the most important tools for the promotion of our brand and our company. Customer satisfaction we obtained is the basis of our success. We thank all of them.



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