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Boyçelik targets to increase its exports by 25% in 2017

Increasing its exports by 20% in 2016, Boyçelik is determined to penetrate into new markets by increasing its exports 25% in 2017

IMG_4690We have recently interviewed Feridun Tosun, Sales and Marketing Manager of Boyçelik. 

Feridun Tosun pointed out, “Based in Kayseri, Boycelik is the most leading raw material supplier  for the mattress and furniture industry. The Company has upgraded its product quality and customer satisfaction since its establishment in the bed and sleep industry. Being a customer and productivity centered company, it emphasizes on the mutual utility between partners.  We aim to increase  our brand value both in domestic, regional and global markets.”

“Our motto is to think big and to do big for customers. Our firm emphasizes on the relations with buyers in domestic market who produce for export markets. We have increased our exports in a short time period by supplying our quality products on time.”

IMG_4667Feridun Tosun said, “Information is collected via joint effort of Production, QC and Sales Depts. by research done at fairs, from social media and printed media. Also the info received from customers is noted as part of R&D data. Then, upon agreeing on what new product would have large demand, samples are produced and tested, until the desired outcome is reached. As for production and quality R&D, related departments continuously do research and tests to get more efficiency from our daily duties. These are measured by several techniques recorded for self – checks and comparisons.”

IMG_4665“When we compare production numbers of mattresses with last years, we realize that consumption and production numbers are increasing and growth is expected to continue in the following years as well.”

Feridun Tosun underlined, “Boyçelik mainly exports to European countries, USA, South America, the Middle East, North Africa and Far East; moreover, exports to 65 countries in total have been realized. Boyçelik has an annual production capacity of 62,000 tons of steel wire, 400,000 pcs pocket springs ,5,000,000 pcs bonnel IMG_4666springs, 820,000 pcs SL springs and 300 tons of zigzag springs. 58% of total production is sold in domestic market, and 42 % of the total production is exported.”

Asked on the SLEEPWell Fair recently  held in İstanbul, Feridun Tosun noted,  “This Fair assumes significance fort he mattress industry. As it is the case for its past editions, SLEEPWell Fair has turned out to be an ideal ground fort he sector.As a major player in the sector, we were dreaming such a fair. I am thankful to everybody involved and contributed.”


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