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New products from Robatech

Robatech introduced RobaPur 2 Mod melting equipment and Concept stream system

After completing preparations for domestic market, Robatech keep its structuring in export markets offering products and sales services in more than 70 countries and recently established a factory in Far East. Kerem Buyuk, mattress industry specialist of Robatech, informed about their products and plans for 2017.


Concept stream system

On new products
Robatech, recently introduced two new products, RobaPur 2 Mod melting equipment and Concept stream system. The first one is designed to be used in the application of thermoplastic and reactive hot melt glues which are sold in block, granule or pad forms. The unit is of three kinds, and extremely flexible, so that it can be adapted best to the needs of the customer and its specific needs. It has a speed of application up to 10 kilogram and is also suitable for smaller volume simple works.

RobaPUR 2_tr-1

RobaPur 2 Mod melting equipment

The other product, concept stream glue melting equipment is designed for the melting and pumping of hot thermoplastic glue. It reaches to high rate of melting fast and has a small tank for faster performance. It may melt slowly depending on the melting speed needs and is suitable for both larger and smaller batches.

On the year 2016 performance
The year 2016 was productive for us. We hit our targets. Our relations with our customers have always been superior and we even improved our privileged services. We have been a customer focused service company. In this regard, we decided to expand the technical services and stock spaces from 250 sqm up to 850 sqm to provide faster services. Our ever-growing team of services is ready to serve fast at our offices in Istanbul, Izmir and Adana and to help our customers.


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