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New visco bed and pillow series by Viscotex

s42Producing orthopedic mattress and pillows since 1996, Viscotex has been continuing healthy and environmentally friendly products.

Pointing out that they have been producing 200 thousand pillows and 2 thousand mattresses on their premises located on an area of 5 thousand square meters, Viscotex General Manager Utku Tali furnished us with information about their new products:

On foundation of Viscotex

Established in 1996, Viscotex has been producing orthopedic memory foam matresses and pillows since 2005. Operating in a 5000 m2 modern facility, our company offers the full range of lamination techniques. We are in a position to do hot-melt, flame and film lamination for all possible applications in the automotive industry and interior textiles. Viscotex provides visco elastic orthopedic neck and waist pillows, hospital mattresses and home textile products. Putting human health at first place our company produces high quality products that are environmental friendly and comply with international standards. Our visco elastic memory foam technology developed by Viscotex engineers eliminates the negative effects, causing pain and overstain and increases sleeping quality.

What is visco technology?

Visco Elastic Foam Technology, which is also known as Memory Foam, is man-made and reacts to body temperature and weight. It conforms to the shape of your body. It is the same foam which has been developed for NASA to provide comfortable travel for astronauts. Visco Foam, also called smart foam provides a variety of comfort levels, from very firm to very soft. Molding and contouring to the shape of your body, it spreads your weight over the entire sleep surface and minimizes the pressure points and offers more comfortable night’s sleep. The microscopic memory pockets in the visco elastic foam react to temperature and weight. The reaction generates the contouring and memory effect that aligns the sleep surface to the natural shape of a sleeper’s body; regulating your blood flow and eliminating sleeping disorders, pain and overstain. The visco elastic foam technology developed by Viscotex engineers eliminates the negative effects causing pain and overstain and increases sleeping quality. The visco-elastic structure of mattresses made by memory foam will conform to any pressure point on your body. The memory foam softens, bends and relaxes to support every part of your body once you lay down, including your spine. It relieves back pain issues resulting from poor alignment during sleep because it fully supports the spine keeping it in proper alignment. It reduces stress on your hips and shoulders that may cause back pain.

Who uses Visco products?

Healthy lifestyle starts with a restful sleep. Visco elastic technology, the first step of a healthy and fit life… Use a visco mattress or pillow and decrease nighttime sweating, distress yourself and unwind the duration of along day. The comfort of visco elastic technology will eliminate your sleeping disorders permanently. With the visco technology developed by Viscotex engineers, visco pillows and mattresses have gained a new dimension. The highest comfort comes with deformation free, antibacterial products, conforming to the shape of your body releasing body heat and moisture. Thanks to the removable and washable sheaths your pillow and mattresses stay always clean and fresh. Purchase quality, affordable visco memory foam pillows from Viscotex. Select from our standard series of pillow or mattresses or let our engineers design the ideal custom for you.

New visco mattress group

Natural Mattress

The natural mattress is one of our standard mattresses. Its visco pressure absorbance feature preserves the heat balance of the body. Conforming to the shape of your body it offers a more comfortable sleep and a energetic start for the new day.

Classic Mattress

Born to be the classic of the visco mattresses, viscotex has taken the visco technology to another level with this series. With the two layer design consisting of 13 cm base foam and 7 cm visco elastic memory foam, the classic mattress will take its shape around your body supporting every curve, guaranteeing you a comfortable and restful sleep.

Bamboo Mattress

Those who look for extra comfort, our tropical-inspired bamboo mattresses are exactly for them. They add freshness and health to the air mattress series. Discover the comfort of soft tissue antibacterial bamboo sheath. The air channel system provides a maximum airflow in the center of the mattress.

Aloe Vera Mattress

We offer you the miraculous effects of Aloe Vera and the fabulous features of visco technology in one mattress. With the washable Aloe Vera sheeted mattress cover you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and happy every morning.

New Visco Pillows: “Comford”

Sitting Ring

Designed for relief and comfort by Viscotex engineers, this sitting ring enables pressure free sitting wherever you are. The visco elastic sitting ring has been developed for the treatment and prophylaxis of hemorrhoids. It is perfect for adults suffering from obstructed sitting after surgeries of the perineum or after pregnancy.

Ergonomic Cushion

Thanks to the ergonomic design of the sitting cushion sitting will be more comfortable, reducing pressure on sensitive areas, promoting healthy posture, improving spinal alignment, reducing pressure related pain and protecting from further injuries.

Lumbar Support

The visco elastic backrest cushion promoting an optimal sitting position will support your back. Eliminating back pain, driving a car will be more convenient. Not only on a trip with your car but also useful on your seat at your office. Thanks to the compact size of it, you can take it easily with you, wherever you travel. Thanks to the integrated flexible fixing belt, it holds onto your backrest without any slip.

On production capacity

With a monthly production capacity of 200,000 pillows, 2000 mattresses and 600,000 meters of tulle fabrics our company has been improving its service quality continuously. Implementing professional marketing strategies has brought reasonable growth rates every year followed by success stories placing Viscotex onto a remarkable place in the sector. Team spirit and solidarity has brought our product and service quality to a higher level. Having made a successful trend analysis, our company has become a leader in the visco elastic foam industry. Innovation and change has brought our company closer to its targets. Integrating technology and sustainable development with customer orientation and reliability has brought high motivation and precedence. Viscotex supplies to retail store chains, exclusive furniture stores, home textile companies and hotels in the regional and international market. Expending its dealer network every year, it has managed to transform shopping into friendship, based on reliability and the highest level of customer satisfaction.