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OYTI relies on its expert team and its production power


Continuing its work with its experienced team in the adhesive sector, the company aims to bring together the leading people of the sector and provide a quality service.

OYTI develops and produces industrial adhesives for the furniture and mattress industry. Founded by Europe’s leading industry professionals, the company relies on its team with experience and innovation in the adhesive industry. OYTI has a structure that attracts attention in every sense. We talked to Timur İlter, the Managing Partner of OYTI, about their work in the sector and their solid structures.

How was the year 2020 for you especially in regards to the gobal Covid-19 pandemic?

The year 2020 was a year full of challenges. The global Covid-19 pandemic has been a defining factor for OYTI, as regional and local collaboration in the industry gathers more importance. OYTI invests heavily in R&D and as part of our developments we were able to introduce various new innovations for mattress and pocket spring manufacturers. A defining development is a high-performance hot melt adhesive that lowers consumption for pocket spring manufacturing by up to 35%.

Could you please share details about your production facility?

Our Turkey plant is equipped with specialized, state-of-the-art production installations. Annually more than 3000 tons adhesives are produced under a stringent quality control management system that is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 by leading certification bodies. Large storage areas and warehouse capabilities are attached to our production plant, enabling large raw material and adhesive storage. This guarantees fast and easy shipment to our customers.

What are your most prefered products?

OYTI focusses on a broad portfolio of adhesives dedicated to the bedding industry including Water-based, Solvent-borne- and Hot Melt Adhesives. We observe a trend towards environmentally friendly adhesives with a low ecological footprint. Especially our OYTITHERM Hot Melt Adhesives are gaining more and more market share throughout the European bedding industry. We offer tailor-made highly customized solutions for every customer.

Which R&D areas do you focus on?

OYTI invests heavily in R&D and is in close contact with mattress manufacturers in order to identify the very needs and specific requirements. Our latest development is a PP-based Hot Melt Adhesive for pocket-spring manufacture which shows significant savings in consumption thus resulting in more significant cost savings for the applicator. Furthermore, it is noteworthy to underline the fact that OYTI develops in-House and independently. Today, we are able to rapidly design and formulate adhesives even suitable for the most challenging requirements.

How do you provide raw material supply?

As a matter of fact, we access an extensive suppliers network all around the world. OYTI relies on a multinational supply network especially thanks to decades of activity in Germany. Our leading experts are valued customers not only in Turkey where our production plant is located, but also in Germany with a subsidiary branch enabling a responsive raw material supply chain even in times of shortages.

What are the key features that make your products special?

Offering innovation coupled with economic benefits is what we believe the industry is looking for. Constant improvement of our formulations and processes both technically and economically are the decisive processes that make our products one of the best performing and most economic on the market. Offering world-class cutting-edge technology to unrivalled Made-in-Turkey prices is what our customers value most.

Which countries are you exporting to and what are your export activity in 2021?

We export to countries including Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland and many others. OYTI more and more is gaining market share throughout the European Bedding Industry. We believe in working together with local representatives or own subsidiaries in order to further improve the quality of our collaboration and communication. From the first day, our customers can count on the expertise of our professionals with regards to their specific requirements. Backed by our capabilities to tailor-made adhesives, we offer a comprehensive one-stop solution to our valued customers and partners.

Lastly, what are your key goals for the future?

OYTI has high expectations in terms of its operations and adhesives. We aim to further grasp foothold in the bedding industry and increase our market share in. We are tremendously motivated by the feedback of our customers and looking forward to continue as a reliable partner offering world-class adhesives. Our greatest goal would be to further develop state-of-the-art adhesives. Despite, as a rapidly growing manufacturer we aim to be in closer touch with our customers by having local distribution partners and representatives. This guarantees to be in touch with our customers first hand. As a technically and financially independent manufacturer we define ourselves as the ADHESIVE PIONEERS. Founded by highly valued, educated and skilled senior chemists and engineers, we could not say anything less. Our skills are clear: Performing, Innovating, Pioneering. For and with our customers and partners.