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Stellini combines quality and comfort together


The company, which is appreciated by its customers with its quality products, offers the most comfortable products to its consumers. Stellini closely monitors developments with its professional team and brings new products to its customers as soon as possible.

Founded in 1947, Stellini is one of the leading companies with the innovations it has made in mattress textiles since its establishment. The company, which attaches great importance to quality and comfort, is always chasing new opportunities and looking for new techniques. The company continues to work to produce the best products with its expert and passionate professional team. Analyzing mattress fabrics in detail and having a structure that knows every feature of mattress fabrics, Stellini continues its journey in the sector with an innovative approach to produce different and attractive products for its customers.

Stellini aims for comfort and best quality in mattress ticking

Stellini is very assertive in mattress fabric as in every subject and follows the demands of its customers and uses the best textile products. The company, which has a very good position in the sector with its unique designs, relies on the design, material and colors of its fabrics. Stellini never compromises on aesthetics and quality in all its fabrics.

The masterful touch of mattress borders

Stellini, which has been producing mattress borders for many years, draws attention as the first company to produce ready-made quilted and embroidered borders. The company, which evaluates the production process of mattress borders in the most efficient way, tries to achieve the most perfect result in the shortest time. Stellini manages to save time and money with its best adapted edges. With the production of bed-in-A-Box beds, R&D and innovation teams are searching for new products in the market. The company, which does not want to stay behind the developments, works under the best conditions for the woven and knitted wrinkle-free borders to reach a more developed structure.

The company follows fashion and trends in furniture fabrics

Today, upholstered mattresses and box spring springs have revived the sector by changing and developing. Keeping a close watch on every development, Stellini rapidly improves the type, quality, design and color of its fabrics and offers a wide range of products to its customers. The company uses headboards and boxspring fabric coverings, which are always trendy in the interior sector, another rapidly developing sector. Stellini’s products have proven to be extremely resistant to all major fires by successfully passing Mardindale, Oekotex and all fire resistance tests.


Combines softness and quality in pillow and cushion fabrick

We spend most of our lives asleep. This means that our heads stay on a pillow for a very long time. For this reason, pillow fabrics must be extremely high quality and soft. Stellini offers good allergen-free temperature regulation for its customers. With a wide material surface, the company manufactures its products according to the individual wishes of each customer and combines quality and softness to meet the needs of its customers.