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Ozen Yarn, a reliable brand in mattress yarns

Supplying a great number of yarns for various sectors OZEN IPLIK embarked on yarn production for the mattress sector in 2006.

ISTANBUL- Established in 1972, Ozen Iplik initiated its business life by buying and selling yarns in a 12 square-meter shop in Mercan, İstanbul. Thanks to their education and entrepreneurial spirit, its founders, Chemical Engineer Hasan Huseyin Kalkan and Chemical Engineer Mehmet Ali KALKAN, initiated the first manufacturing process in a production unit located in Istanbul-Kumkapı.

In line with the growing demand, “Ozen Paint Shop”, one of the first of its kind in the country, started to operate in an indoor area of 1,000 square-meters in Istanbul-Esenyurt in the year 1977.

Ozen Iplik has produced mostly mercerized sewing yarn and moved to its new production site of 3,000 square-meters in Istanbul- Bayrampasa in 1980 and started to produce nylon sewing yarn for the leather goods sector in addition to mercerized sewing yarn. In the year 1990, it added high strength polyester sewing yarn to its product range. In 1997, with participation of the representatives of the second generation into the firm, the global market became the main target of the firm.

Together with the foreign fairs in which Ozen Iplik has participated and the R&D studies carried out, its integrated production facilities in Istanbul-Kirac, covering an indoor area of 14,000 square-meters, began to operate in 2003.

With the ÖKÖ-TEX and SATRA quality assurance certificates it has acquired in 2003, it has become a firm making environment-friendly production. The firm made new investments in the year 2007 to increase its manufacturing capacity.

ÖZEN İPLİK has been continuing to grow and make new investments thanks to its sales offices launched at home and abroad as well as its exportation to 29 countries.  It has become a leading firm in the industrial sewing yarn first in its own country and then in the global market.

The company produces sewing yarn for shoes as well as leather goods and serves numerous different sectors, mainly technical textiles, furniture, home textile and mattress sector leather goods, automotive, and denim, thanks to its investments in the recent years.

The production range includes Polyart, Serilon, Delta, Ekospun, T-Plus, Polyart Denim, Ozn-Techlon, Polymak, P-Plus, Ozn-Simli, Ozn-Polytech, Ozn-Cnc, Ozn-Cmt, Ozn-Fr, Ozn-Wr, Ozn-Fora brand-new products.

As of 2006, ÖZEN İPLİK has embarked on diverse range of yarn production for the mattress sector. The factory was built in Istanbul-Kiraç in the year 2003 on 14,000 square-meter indoor and 3,500 square-meter outdoor areas.

All stages of production are carried out through barcode system, and all operations from twisting unit to delivery to the customer are monitored.

In its modern laboratory, Ozen Iplik performs all technical tests related to the production and monitor all stages of manufacturing. The paint unit color prescriptions are approved through photo spectrometer control. Dye tanks are completely electronically controlled. Drying is performed through radio frequency dryer, and the products are made ready to sell with full automatic wrapping and packaging machines.

Ozen Iplik is dedicated to offer full customer satisfaction by perceiving the quality as a multifaceted concept, making production with the requested quality and the requested time.