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Iskeceli opens up in abroad

“We have the greatest bag spring manufacturing facility in Turkey,” says Serkan Kir of Iskeceli company, who aims to enter new markets in new year especially in America and in Asia with its registered brand Comfy. He introduces his company and operations:

Who is Iskeceli and Comfy?

Iskeceli is the name of our company. Under its frame we produce steel wire in our four companies all having thousand tons of monthly capacity. Earlier the company was a trader of coach then started to produce steel wire and springs for furniture industry. Comfy is our registered brand for these products. We have invested about 2 million dollars in machinery inventory and increased product variety.

What is the difference between bonnel and bagged springs?

Bonnel springs are the ones that were not put in a closed bag. The number of springs an a package is rather limited and all springs act as a whole. The mattresses made of this kind of springs are not comfortable since they do not get shapes of the body.

Bagged springs can move individually when put in the mattresses. The number of springs can be more in a bed. And diameters of wire can be lessened to adjust the strength.  We can produce wires from 30 millimeters to 65 mm. These increase the comfort level of the bed.

What is the production process of these products?

Wires are curved in the machines and are spiraled and then tied to each other with bonding wires. Dimensions and heights of the springs can be adjusted to the order of the customer. In bagged springs metal wires are put in the fabrics and then glued in bags.

Where do you procure your inputs for the manufacturing?

Wire is the main input that is imported. Other textiles products such as paddings and fabrics are bought from domestic sources. Glue is also imported and is important to keep its functioning for years. We import some special steel wire from Germany.

About your production facilities?

It is located on 35 thousand sqm. land of which 8 thousand sqm. is covered. Employing 100 worker in two shifts it works round the clock. 95 percent of our production is exported. The rest is sold in Istanbul and delivered to a few sister companies.

On export markets?

England is our major market. They are demanding more for improved spring systems. Other countries use standard products and they also started to rise their manufacturing standards. Besides, we deliver our products to Germany, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Brazil, Balkans, Algeria, Iran and Japan. Our patented product Air-Flow is only sold to Japanese customer.

Airflow is a special product that provides progressive support for the body. It offers two different strength level for men and women and can be formed depending on the body on it. Airflow has also higher ability for ventilation in the bed that rises the standard of the bed.

What is your opinion on fairs?

We first go to fairs in target countries as visitors for market research. Annually we go to about 8 to 10 fairs with this aim. This year we will go to fair in Sweden, in France and in the USA. We made some business contacts there. Paris fair was highly efficient for us.

How was the year 2013?

We closed it with our patenting works and new investments on capacity and machinery. Our growth was 20 percent. The last part of the year was not so good, thus we produced for inventory.

In 20014 we will launch new products. We produce different springs and bags. We will be interested in different products and variety of markets. We consider entering Korean market. Sweden and Denmark are also promising markets for us.

We will keep growing with our innovations, investments and our 15 years of experience in the industry.