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Sefox, a sought after brand in the global market

Domestic brand Sefox continues to grow in the international area. Producing solvent-based, hot melt, water-based adhesives for the furniture, mattress, textile, bookbinding, filter, carpet, shoe, automotive industries, the company will exhibit its competitive products at Sleep Well Expo 2019.

 Cagdas Ates, Assistant Export Manager of Sefox informs us aout using their hot melt adhesives in the mattress industry and their participation in Sleep Well Expo 2019.

Could you brief us about your products and give us some examples about your leading customers and famous brand that prefer your products?

As Sefox Adhesives, we produce solvent-based adhesives, hot melt adhesives and also water-based adhesives at the same time in our plant.

Sefox produces solvent-based, hot melt, water-based adhesives for the furniture, mattress, textile, bookbinding, filter, carpet, shoe and automotive industries.

We have 3 different brands for solvent-based adhesives as Sefox, Fox, and Uniquebond. We classify our brands according to their solid ratios. Our solvent-based adhesives are non-flammable, odorless and can be used for a single surface.

We have various hot melt adhesives for different sectors. Especially for mattress and pocket-spring sectors, we classify our hot melts according to usage. Our hot melt adhesives can be used with manual machines and automatic lines.

We have 2 types of water-based adhesives, single and double components. Our water-based adhesives are suitable for spray guns and automatic lines.

We export our products to more than 80 countries around the world. Our operation network extends from the Middle East to Asia, from South America to Africa, and our customers are comprised of the leading quality-oriented companies of our sector with high satisfaction.

Which fairs do you attend in domestic and foreign market? Have you already set your schedule to participate in fairs in 2020?

We strive to participate at least 4 fairs each year, 2 in Turkey and 2 in abroad. Because we strive to inform all potential customers about the quality of our products and service. Fairs are the most important factors in determining our market research and strategies. Fairs are our biggest organizations in terms of needs in the sector, communication with the end-user, acceleration and direction of the sector and determination of the steps to be taken.

For the year 2020, we will attend 4 international fairs. Our plans and work are in this direction. We have also taken steps to participate in 3 domestic fairs.

How was the development of the mattress sub industry in 2019 in terms of export? What kinds of facilities will you make about export in 2020?

As everyone knows, the general economy of our country underwent a stagnant process in the first 2 quarters of 2019 and this development affected the bedding and furniture sectors. After the summer season and the significant positive movements in our economy, the contraction in the sector has left its place to forward ventures again. And therefore, although the beginning of 2019 has not been in the desired direction for our company and sector, we anticipate that the average will close with the rising trend towards the end of the year. In the export leg; After the economic contraction on the global basis, the prospects of war, and the easing of monetary policies in June 2019, which started with the horizontal course in the shadow of the trade wars of the countries, when we look at 2019 in terms of exports; Despite the economic contraction, the possibility of war and the wars of trade, the data towards the middle of the year show that our sector will rise again and close the end of the year with a slight increase.

In 2020, in line with this information and 20 years of experience; dynamic staff, reliable flexibility, easy accessibility, rapid return without compromising our principles, such as having more market share from our multinational colleagues are preparing our plans in line with a strategy.

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