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Sefox: IBIA EXPO will grow more

Sefox General Manager Abdullah Mert predicted that IBIA EXPO 2023 would be more intense than last year’s fair.

Stating that the fair will attract more attention and evolve into a bigger organization this year, Mr. Abdullah said, “We expect this year’s IBIA EXPO 2023 fair to evolve into a much larger organization with the participation of all stakeholders who did not have the opportunity to participate and visit in 2022, within the scope of the needs observed in 2022. IBIA Expo 2023 organization will be a very important opportunity for the business agreements of Turkish manufacturers, which increase their share and brand value in the world mattress economy every year. We would like to state that we are happy to be a stakeholder of an organization that will host a large number of visitors in Istanbul to evaluate supply opportunities from our country, which is in a very important logistics position. We have completed our preparations to introduce our customers and business partners to our existing and newly developed products with presentations. We are looking forward to welcoming our guests at our stand with our board members and our entire sales team.”