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BekaertDeslee brought sustainability and innovation to the forefront at IBIA Expo 2023

Istanbul – BekaertDeslee, a global leader in mattress fabrics and sleep solutions, presented its groundbreaking innovations, including the TERRA collection inspired by sustainability and comfort, along with innovative and sustainable technologies at IBIA Expo 2023.

BekaertDeslee, the world’s leading specialist in mattress textiles and sleep solutions, attended the IBIA Expo in Istanbul between September 28th and October 1st 2023, and presented their new collection, shared their sustainability journey, and showcased other revolutionary novelties.

IBIA Expo is a unique meeting point where the leading mattress supplier industry and technology companies around the world exhibit their new innovative products. The newest products, innovative materials, components, and technologies have recently come together under one roof at IBIA Expo.

During the fair, BekaertDeslee unveiled their latest collection, TERRA: Roots of the Future. This collection draws inspiration from the beauty of the natural world and our deep connection to it. With a meticulous focus on materials, designs, and nature-inspired patterns, TERRA redefines comfort and style, embodying a commitment to sustainability and a brighter future. Through innovative technologies and sustainable materials, this collection aims to minimize environmental impact, fostering a better tomorrow for generations to come. BekaertDeslee’s core focus is sustainability, constantly seeking innovation and collaboration to drive circular economy goals. Through sustainable products, recycling efforts, and responsible end-of-life management, they consistently raise industry standards.

To delve deeper into BekaertDeslee’s sustainability journey and explore key topics, Demet Tunç, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer at BekaertDeslee, led engaging panel discussions at IBIA Expo on September 28th at 15:00 focusing on the significance of recycling for BekaertDeslee and its potential impact on the future of the mattress industry.

“Our commitment to a circular economy, our drive for innovation, and our collaborative efforts with stakeholders reflect our dedication to creating a sustainable future. Through our sustainable products, recycling initiatives, and responsible end-of-life management, we aim to set new industry standards,” underlined Demet Tunç.

BekaertDeslee’s dedication to sustainability and innovation is prominently demonstrated through their cutting-edge technologies and product offerings.

As a prime example of this dedication, they introduced Camille, a revolutionary mattress cover with changeable top panels, using cutting-edge textile tech tailored to personal needs. Camille stands out for sustainability, allowing top panel replacement instead of an entire mattress.

Furthermore, BekaertDeslee continues to push the boundaries of innovation with ‘Purotex+,’ powered by HeiQ AllergenTech a 100% biobased solution that reduces allergen exposure, including dust mites and pet allergens, thanks to active probiotics.

In line with their commitment to preserving the environment and addressing the predicted 70% increase in waste streams by 2050, BekaertDeslee introduced fabrics made from yarns of their post-production waste, promoting circular economy principles and reducing carbon footprint compared to virgin polyester yarns. All innovative products of BekaertDeslee draw huge attention from the professional visitors.

These and other exciting innovations will be showcased at BekaertDeslee’s booth (Hall 6 Booth GO1) during the IBIA Expo.

“We’re excited to showcase our latest innovations at IBIA Expo 2023. These groundbreaking products and technologies represent our commitment to sustainability and innovation, and we believe they will redefine industry expectations and practices.”, Demet Tunç adds.