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SEFOX serves with 40 years of experience

Established as a small workshop with the name of Birlik Celiker in 1972 the company makes its presence felt in the market with its 40 years of experience.

Exporting to more than 30 countries Sefox places extra importance on R&D studies and market researches to make right investments which led the way to win Global Quality Management Award in France.  Pointing out that they have built up strong brand in a short time thanks to the quality of their products, Ramazan Celik, General Manager of Sefox said they would continue their development with their young and dynamic team. Following is an interview with Ramazan Celik:

Could you furnish us with general information about your company?

Our family owned, Ankara based company initially opened its doors as a small furniture factory under the name of ‘’Birlik Çelikler’’ in 1972. Since then, Sefa Kimya, developing futuristic inventions and using about 40 years of experience, has grown and become a well-known company in Turkey and about 40 countries in all over the world.

Sefa Kimya has gained power and prestige and has become a very strong brand in such a short time due to the quality and distinctness of its products.

Giving credits to Research and Development and being aware of the importance of innovations for the future, Sefa Kimya has won the Global Quality Management prize in France.

Also having ISO-9001,,ISO-14001,ISO 10002,OHSAS 18001 quality certificate, Sefa Kimya will continue to be very successful with their young, dynamic and Professional team in the future.

Could you brief us about your production?

We have 6000 mproduction area and 7000 mstorage area.

Sefa Kimya closely follows the new technology and developments of the industry. All systems of production are based on automation and run under protected conditions. Our daily production capacity is 80tons, of which 60 tons is solvent-based adhesive, and 20 tons hotmelt adhesive.

Which type of adhesives do you produce?

We have 15 different types of solvent-based adhesives and 3 different types of hotmelt adhesive, which are used in furniture, upholstery, shoe, construction and automotive industry

What is the latest Generation of Adhesives – for the Furniture Industry?

Hotmelt adhesives will be next step

At SEFOX, our 30 years of experience in perfecting adhesives for the global market has culminated in our new SUPERBOND SERIES Hotmelt 9000 and Hotmelt 9200™ brand of hot melt adhesives.

This range of high performance adhesives has been perfected to enable our customers to achieve two important objectives; maximizing the benefits generated by a close technical partnership and improving the satisfaction of their customer’s experience with their product.

Why Hot Melt?

The purchase prices of hot melt adhesives tend to be more expensive than solvent-based materials. Comparing initial purchase prices, however, does not provide a complete cost picture. Hot melt adhesives are 100% solids and the entire volume is used as an adhesive, while typical adhesives lose 50-70% of their volume during application. A more accurate comparison looks at the raw adhesive purchase cost expressed in pounds of dry solids and the coating thickness yielded per pound. Pound for pound, hot melt adhesives yield more than twice as much coating thickness as solvent-based adhesives.

Once the adhesives are purchased, there are transportation costs. Hot melt adhesive freight costs are lower than solvent-based adhesives freight costs, due to the reduced volume of adhesive needed; thus, less hot melt adhesive is purchased and shipped.


One primary advantage that hot melt systems have over solvent-based adhesives is in the curing time of the adhesives. Cure times for hot melt systems are measured in seconds, compared to minutes or hours for solvent-based systems. This is an especially important factor when producing high volumes of products at high speed. Hot melt systems have additional production advantages in terms of floor space and labor requirements. Although the production run of the hot melt system is faster, it is necessary to remember that there will be an initial, one-time production cost resulting from downtime for new maintenance procedures and training.

Energy Costs

Although there is little specific data, the literature reports that hot melt adhesive systems have a general energy cost advantage over solvent-based adhesive systems. This is most likely the result of avoiding the costs of operating large drying and curing ovens and pollution control equipment, such as solvent recovery equipment or incineration equipment, both of which are necessary for solvent-based systems. Not having ovens and pollution control equipment avoids the installation and maintenance costs of these systems as well.

Regulatory Costs

By greatly reducing or eliminating emissions of HAPs and other VOCs, hot melt adhesive technologies offer significant savings in avoided emission control equipment costs, permitting fees, and hazardous waste disposal charges. There are also reductions in monitoring costs, since the hot melt systems do not require the stringent monitoring of employee exposure to solvents, or the explosive limits of those solvents.

How was 2013 for your company? Could you brief us your review about 2013?

The year 2013 was a great year for our company.

Our company growth both on local market and foreign market

Our latest product upholstery and mattress hotmelts gives us new opportunities to sell European market.

What plans or targets do you have for 2014?

Our plans for 2014 are to expand our business on foreign markets.

We plan to open second warehouse at Moscow.

We will support our foreign trade team with 7 international fairs

2014 our target markets are Pakistan, India, Malaysia and Indonesia

We are growing so fast at these markets and we will try to cover more market share.

Is there anything you would especially like to mention?

We not only give importance to production but also R&D and quality control are very important for us. We are committed to high quality products and protection of the human health. In order to fulfill our promise, we always follow the new products and technology. We try to integrate the new technology and new raw material to our production process.

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    We would like to get contact information for buyers and technical people at Lider Kimya, Sefox and Denlaks. We supply a product called amorphous polypropylene for use in mattress adhesives (it is basically the same as Evonik Vestoplast but less expensive).

    Regards. Jelmer Henskens