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Sefes sells online

Celebrating its 17th anniversary, Sefes, a furniture producer in Kayseri, employs 60 people and produces bases, tables and chairs in its 5000 sqm.

factory. Owner of the company Safak Civici, says, they will sell online and introduces his company:

 On the company

We have exhibited the development of our company (we celebrate its 17th anniversary)  stage by stage in our stand in ISMOB fair and it attracted great interest. Our products are exhibited chronologically. 70 percent of our manufacturing is exported to Austria, Germany, Switzerland and France, besides to Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan.

On new projects

We produce bedsteads for mattress industry. In 2004 we started to make them out of metals. Since 2006 we have been selling upholstered products. We began to sell for hotel projects in 2010. Our products are sold at about 40 shops located in almost every part of Turkey. We do not have any distributor. We sell directly to our buyers.

On online sales

We consider to sell and to get order for our products online. Fairs are important for our business. Fairs means prestige, and opportunity to know your rivals, to find new customers, and to see new products. So, ISMOB is important. We also participate in the Furniture Fair in Kayseri. Next year we may go to Dubai fair.

Last year we maintained our position, and got what we wanted. Sales were rather down but profits were up. We are working for both more sales, and more profits. Turkey does very well in this industry. It will be better in the future. Our customers in Germany prefer Turkish companies over Chinese. They want us to produce more. It is good for our industry.