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20 years experience with Punteks

Established in 1995 in Torbalı – İzmir, Punteks has been dealing with recycled textile and felt.

Continuing to offer consistent quality and service to its customers, they are going to celebrate their 20th year in 2015. Punteks added two new plants to its organization and tripled its production capacity.  With its young, dynamic and expert team, Punteks is aiming to continue its growth on export base. We made an exclusive interview with Ms. N.Cansu Coşkun and Mr. M. Tamer Eti about the company and their future projects. Full text of the interview follows:

Could you please give us some information about Punteks?

Mr. M.Tamer Eti: Punteks was established in 1995 for sorting and recycling textile waste. We have invested a nonwoven line in 2005 and started producing felt for different industries. Our factory is based on 30,000 m² land with 12000 m² closed factory area.

You have two new companies newly established. Could you please give brief information about them?

N. Cansu Coşkun: Plato Elyaf has been established in Uşak Industrial Area in 2012 .It recycles new textile clips and produces shoddy. It serves to spinning industry for producing open-end yarns. On the other hand, Prosen was also established in Uşak in 2013. It serves to construction sector with geotextile felt production.

Which industries Punteks serves with it products?

M.Tamer Eti: We are serving to furniture, mattress, white goods and automotive industries.

Could you please give us more details about Punteks’s product range?

M. Tamer Eti: We are producing different kinds of felt between 700 g/m² – 3000 g/m². We have some products that are attracting most of our customers. They are Blueflex, cottonflex and Blue Felt. Blueflex and Cottonflex are mostly preferred by the customers who are using both hard felt and soft felt or hard felt and foam together as these products corresponds these customers’ needs in a less costly and easy way.  On the other hand, there’s a special new product called IZOGREEN. It’s a flame retardant felt which can be used instead of foam for mattresses that require FR standard. This felt is also suitable for furniture, automotive and white goods industries.

What about your exports?

N. Cansu Coşkun: Today we are trading with more than 30 countries and we are aiming to increase our export sales. In this context, our export rate has increased 150% last year than 2012. In order to stay in touch with our current customers and research for new markets, this year we’ll be attending to some international exhibitions including Interzum 2014 China and Sleep Well Expo 2014 Istanbul.

Would you like to add anything more?

N. Cansu Coşkun: Punteks’s strategy is to keep its quality, trust and customer satisfaction at top importance with environment friendly solutions. These four mottos are always and will always be the most important musts for us.