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Metaplas: We try to beautify mattresses more

Founded in 2008 by Eda Zarli and Fehmi Karats, who have been in the industry since 1996, Metaplas started to produce inputs and materials for mattress manufacturers in 2012. Eda Zarli introduced her company:

On Metaplas

Our company has been metal coating of plastic products demanded by variety of needs. In 2012 we started to produce every kind of inputs and materials needed by mattress manufacturers in our factory of 1500 sqm. equipped with injection molding machinery, narrow band looms, vacuumed metalize machinery. Our main office is in Giyimkent, Istanbul. Our product portfolio is being expanded continuously.

On products sold

We produce, every color and pattern of bands for mattresses, air capsules, handles, base corner protectors, bed label etc. All plastic items are specially designed by us. These designs are all registered.

On new products for bed industry

Recently we produced ACC 400 series of air capsuled handles, that unites both function of air tubes and handles. This reduces the time for mounting on the product.

On the importance of items for mattress manufacturers

Bands we produced are use at the finish band of mattress production process. They tie sides and uppers of mattresses. Air capsules provide ventilation in the bed, they even contribute the appearance of the end product. Handles are used during transportation of beds. Labels are indispensable for all products, as it is known.

On general assessment of the year 2013, and prospects for 2014

We hit our targets for 2013 with ten percent loss. For the short term, we will add some new products developed by our research and development team in 2014. This year seems to be more profitable for us.

On aesthetics and quality of the inputs and end products

All materials used in the production of mattresses contributes the whole perception of quality of the products. “You can’t show what is the inside of mattress to your prospects, however, accessories on the mattress are very important for the overall assessment of the customer about the product. Not only the quality of materials but also their combination is important for the perception. We both provide with our expanded product choice demanded by mattress manufacturers,” said Eda Zarli.