Anasayfa / Etiket Arşivi: machinery (sayfa 32)

Etiket Arşivi: machinery

Elektroteks poised for exports

Electric electronic brand Elektroteks shipped its competitive goods to 35 different countries in three years. Established in Bursa in 1990 to render service on electric electronic items, Elektroteks later started to produce spare parts, automation and bed-furniture machinery. Manufacturing almost ...

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Boycelik continues to grow

One of the most leading names in Europe, Boycelik excels in production of springs and wires for the mattress industry. Boyycelik is one of the affiliated companies of Boydak Holding, one of the leading industry conglomerates of Turkey. As one ...

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Iskeceli opens up in abroad

“We have the greatest bag spring manufacturing facility in Turkey,” says Serkan Kir of Iskeceli company, who aims to enter new markets in new year especially in America and in Asia with its registered brand Comfy. He introduces his company ...

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Ozen Yarn, a reliable brand in mattress yarns

Supplying a great number of yarns for various sectors OZEN IPLIK embarked on yarn production for the mattress sector in 2006. ISTANBUL- Established in 1972, Ozen Iplik initiated its business life by buying and selling yarns in a 12 square-meter shop in Mercan, İstanbul. ...

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