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The use of latex in the mattress industry and its impact on human health

The main goal of the bedding sector is to provide healthy and high-quality sleep. Sectoral developments and research have shown that beds of natural origin have positive effects on sleep quality. When it comes to natural beds, latex beds made of 100% natural latex foams take the first place. So, what is a latex mattress?

A latex bed means a natural bed. It is a type of foam obtained from the processing of latex sap juice obtained from rubber tree and many similar plants, carefully and preserving its naturalness. There are two different types of latex foams, dunlop latex and talalay latex foam. Although their raw materials are the same, they are named differently because their production methods differ.

Dunlop latex foams are mixed with air by whisking liquid latex extract obtained from rubber tree by technological methods. The resulting foam material is poured into molds and baked in vulcanization ovens. The latex foam that comes out of the oven is taken into the washing process and re-baked to remove the moisture formed in it. Dunlop latex foams obtained by going through long processes obtain a high density and a robust latex foam. Dunlop foams are used as the main layer in latex beds.

Talalay latex foams, liquid latex extracts are whipped by technological methods and mixed with air. The latex in the resulting foam form is poured in such a way that it does not fill the molds completely and is obtained by applying the vacuuming method. The density of Talalay latex foam is lower compared to dunlop foam, so it is soft. Talalay latex foam is generally preferred as a comfort layer in beds. Due to its structure, it is not suitable for use in the core of the bed. Talalay latex foam ranks high in the bed as a comfort layer and is more porous because its density is less and it has more air permeability.

Even if two different foam raw materials are the same, they are different and take their place among the issues that need to be considered. Because if talalay latex is preferred as the main layer in the mattress, the degree of hardness and service life of your mattress will vary. It is important to use the right foam in the right layer, but it should not be decisive which foam is used in the selection of the mattress, because the raw material is the same, the whole of the mattress and the combinations used together are more important.

Why Should a Latex Bed Be Preferred?

Quality beds suitable for you, a noticeable reduction in back and back pain because it provides support to your spine, a positive progression of your mental health because you can get sleep and helps you start the day more energetically. The main reason why Latex beds have come to the fore in quality sleep research in recent years is their naturalness, breathable structure, flexibility and long service life. It allows you to start the day refreshed after having a quality and productive sleep.

Natural latex beds protect skin health and do not trigger existing skin disorders, thanks to their porous and air-ducted structure, they prevent constant sweating and sleep interruptions during sleep. Since your bed can get air, it does not offer a humid environment in which formations such as bacteria, mites, dust mites and fungi will live. In this way, it will be an ideal choice for people with allergic sensitivity.