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The youngest in felt production

Has been producing felts since 2007 Mitsan keeps investing to expand its production capacity with additional lines.

Using recycled materials, the company is also sensitive to ecology. “We have the youngest machinery inventory in Turkey,” says, Mustafa Cetinbulut, chairman of Mitsan, who detailed about his company:

On machinery in factory

We have five lines for production, all the youngest in Turkey. The eldest machinery in our factory is of 2007, the youngest is 2013 model. We invest serious amounts of funds in them and now getting the fruits from both domestic and foreign markets. With all our competitors our industry is able to sell felts to all over the world. We try to differentiate ourselves from rivals. Standards and quality is important as well as the quality of services and response rates.

Homogeneity is important for felts

We produce 500 – 2000 grams felts. They are ultra hard, hard and soft kinds. We also produce paddings for quilting. Homogeneity is important for felts. Turkey has a powerful position in the world, a homeland for felts. Main inputs for felts are textile by-products. We make some portion of inputs from recycled textiles, having certificate for this. Recycling is on the agenda of many other industries, including mattress industry. We are somehow in the recycling business. We export recycled materials.

On investments

We are investing for automation in our processes. That reduces the need for unskilled labor and simplifies the processes for packaging and transport operations. Every year we invest certain amounts in our factory. This year we are going to invest in both felt and foam production. Automated storage and barcoding investment were completed last year.

On exports

We deliver both felt and foams to more than 30 countries. We have more share in the north African markets. We targeted to new markets, because problems in neighboring countries have forced us to seek new markets. Mattress manufacturers have reliable data about the number of felt and foam producers in the country. Markets are becoming more transparent. We try to expand our coverage in the world by seeking new and far away market.