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Tesla Sleep Visco, pillow increasing sleep quality

When quality, comfort and new technology in Turkey’s sleep products are mentioned first brand coming to mind, Yataş invites those who want to start the new day rejuvenated to meet with Tesla Sleep Visco pillow. Thanks to the clinically approved Tesla technology Tesla Sleep Visco pillow extend the REM sleep duration thereby shortens awake time in bed offering an unparalleled sleep experience with its hybrid nature stuff by supporting the neck and shoulder areas.

Offering new technologies to the consumer through its expertise in bedding and sleep products Yataş presents an excellent sleep experience with Tesla Sleep Visco pillow. Offering a perfect ergonomic support for the head and neck area with its unique innovative design Tesla Sleep Visco pillow makes a difference with the high comfort.

Tesla Sleep Visco Pillow combines Tesla technology knitted with magnetic threads which regulate sleep rhythm with visco elastic memory foams. Thanks to its special curved design, it maximizes sleep efficiency by perfectly supporting the neck area. The head and neck weight-sensitive design helps prevent muscle stress. Providing a clean and natural sleeping environment with its washable outer cover, Tesla Sleep Visco Pillow is indispensable for an ideal sleep experience.

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