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BES Kimya continues to open up to the world day by day           

BES Kimya, one of the leading companies in the adhesive sector that is a must of mattress components, aims to become a global company by expanding its export range with its investments.

We talked with Hakan TEMEL, Turkey Sales Manager of BES Kimya, one of the leading companies in the adhesive industry and providing services to the mattress industry, as well as the general situation of the market and the future targets of BES Kimya. TEMEL, expressing that they want to be a company, having a say in the global market, stated that their investments will continue in order to serve the mattress industry.

You have been serving on chemical products for more than 40 years. You have 3 different brands and you also provide material production for the mattress industry. Can you tell us about your brands and production areas?

Our company, which has been producing adhesives since 1978, is primarily producing solvent-based adhesives and products for the automotive and furniture-bed sector, especially for the footwear sector.

By observing the developing sectoral needs, we started to produce hot melt and PVA products by entering different production lines in the adhesive sector, which we are specialized in. We serve the sectors related to the production of different types and features of products for Furniture, Pocket Spring, Mattress, Printing, Packaging, Paper Packaging, Automotive, Ceramics, General Industry, and Textile Lamination.

Our new factory, where different production techniques will be used in hot melt production, will start to serve by the end of the year, and there will be an increase in our capacity. Within our 2022 investment plans, our investments will continue with a new factory.

Do you have a shortage of raw materials while producing materials for the mattress industry? Why do you think the raw material shortage is caused?

The raw material supply disruptions that the adhesive industry is experiencing around the world and the high rise in prices since the beginning of the year are pushing us and the companies we undertake to supply. Although we are taking precautions in this regard, the bottleneck in the supply of raw materials compels us, like our colleagues all over the world, to follow up more sensitively.

The shortage of raw materials is continuing exponentially due to the energy problems that exist all over the world, the timely measures against it and the reduction of supply by the raw material producers, and it requires us to follow a strategy to deal with it in 2022.

Could you tell us about your company’s export policy and which countries you export to?

In line with the targets of our company and our country, we are opening up to the whole world by increasing our export figures day by day. We continue our foreign trade network by adding new customers in addition to our existing customers, mainly in the surrounding countries.

We are expanding our export network with additions to Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and other Turkic Republics countries, North African countries such as Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Nigeria, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Romania, and Portugal etc.

Will you have new investments in the mattress industry in the new year?

In our new Hot Melt factory, which will be operational in December 2021, we will have new productions for the Mattress Industry, and we will continue our investments in the industry with another factory that we plan to start operating in the first quarter of 2022.

Can you tell us about the companies that you are in contact with or partner with at home and abroad?

In domestic production, cornerstone companies in the sector and developing companies are known. Without any discrimination, we exchange ideas, commercial activities and occasionally cooperate with all production groups serving the sector. We are continuing these activities in export orientation as well.