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Bodet & Horst innovates Gel Streeetch for climate control

Bodet & Horst, a leader in textile innovation, has been constantly working on improving its service range.

One of the innovative products and technologies of the company is Gel Streeetch. It is a material which improves climate control during sleep thanks to its unique gel coating. The material has the effect of pleasantly cooling the body. Up to 30% more body warmth can be dissipated compared to similar materials. The advantages of Gel Streeetch are counted as being breathable, heat-dissipating, platinumstrengthened (solvent-free) meets Ökotex standards, free of softening agents, stable material (even after many washes) emission-free, odorfree tested for skin-friendliness. As a service provider to the international mattress industry and being the world’s leading manufacturer of knitted, elastic mattress cover materials Bodet complies with its own requirement to be “The leader in textile innovation” towards its customers. In connection with leading textile research institutes, designers, yarn suppliers and machine manufacturers worldwide, the company co-operates closely with its customers to generate new developments with regards to materials, knitting techniques, design and finish. Knitted elastic materials for mattress covers are continuously gaining more popularity and importance. On the one hand this is due to functional reasons because customers’ demands with regard to mattresses and thus to cover materials are increasing with the increasing use of adjustable and motorized bed bases. On the other hand this is also due to comfort reasons because nothing is more comfortable and pleasant to a sleeper’s skin and body than a soft, elastic fabric covering the mattress, which reassumes its initial position following strain. Bodet & Horst’s in-house development department consisting of highly qualified designers and textile technicians develop individual fabric solutions for you. The company’s products can be seen at its booth in Interzum 2015, 5-8 May, Hall 10.2 Stand F 040.