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Durak Tekstil shares its 50th year pride with the textile industry

The sectoral journey of Durak Tekstil, started in 1972, summarizes the power of production and the success of a visionary entrepreneurship. The company has turned into one of the important players in the global market in industrial sewing and embroidery threads and has been increasing its growth trend for 50 years with its customer-oriented production approach.

Durak Tekstil, one of the leading manufacturers of industrial sewing and embroidery threads, is preparing to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2022. The company is both witnessing and contributing to the development of the Turkish textile industry and is the most vivid example of the industry’s vision of adapting to innovations and moving forward. Founded by the Durak Family and managed by third-generation family members today, the company has transformed from a local affiliate to a thread manufacturer reaching the global market. The journey of Durak Tekstil started in 1972 also shows how an entrepreneurship realized under difficult conditions can turn into a success story.

Durak Tekstil Board Member and Marketing Director Yiğit Durak said that the 50 years they left behind were full of difficulties and successes. Durak stated; “We have carried out our first works in the development period of the textile industry, the most important export business line of the Turkish economy today, and we did not want to be an ordinary manufacturer. We aimed to succeed in works that can grow our sector and open a new path for the industry. We have become one of the largest manufacturers of the industry with our industrial sewing and embroidery threads as a result of uninterrupted R&D studies and significant investments. We export to more than 75 countries and contribute to the inflow of foreign currency into our country. This success is the result of generations of devotion and belief to this country and its people”.

Yiğit Durak emphasized that they will take a more active place in global markets in the coming period and said that Durak Tekstil will become a sought-after brand in all textile markets. Durak continued his speech as follows; “We continue to develop and produce innovative threads with our strong sectoral experience and corporate vision. We act more boldly than ever in investing in R&D studies and new technologies. We have created a roadmap for Durak Tekstil with our short, medium and long-term strategic plans and we are all united in this vision; We are on a path that adds value to the sector and makes us grow”.

Yiğit Durak thanked all his partners that accompanied Durak Tekstil on this long journey and added that they will hold important events in 2022 within the framework of its 50th anniversary.

A journey from a small weaving workshop in Bursa to the world

Durak Tekstil was established as a small-scale weaving and hot printing workshop in Bursa in 1972 by Ali Durak and started production of fishing nets towards the end of the ‘70s when Turkey had difficulties importing them. Durak Tekstil has reached the power to meet 80% of the country’s fishing net production in a short time. The transformation of the company in industrial sewing and embroidery threads started with the second generation manager, Ömer Durak. Ömer Durak completed his specialization training in the field of high chemical engineering in Germany and Switzerland after his chemical engineering education, and undertook important investments with a clear vision for the future of the industry.

Durak Tekstil, which has the title of the first polyester embroidery thread manufacturer in Turkey. Durak Tekstil continued its growth from the ’80s, when Turkey opened up in exports, to the ‘90s. Durak Tekstil played an important role as a pioneer in the sector in this period, helping the Turkish textile industry get rid of its dependency on imports with its POY (Pre-Oriented Yarn) investment in 1998.

Successful R&D studies and technical thread production capacity

Durak Tekstil has a production centre of 30 thousand m2 in Bursa as of today and gained a significant advantage in global competition by opening a factory of 12,410 m2 in Changxing, China in 2007. The company is producing more than 350 kinds of industrial sewing and embroidery threads in 54 main groups and has an annual production capacity of over 3 thousand tons. Durak Tekstil started to meet more customer demands, increasing its capacity by 50% with the investment in 2020.

Durak Tekstil allocated 5% of its budget to R&D studies and has successfully completed 19 state-supported technical thread projects so far. The company started to offer innovative solutions such as aramid threads with high strength, fire and heat resistance used in protective clothing to the global market thanks to these R&D studies. Durak Tekstil has reached the capacity to meet the sustainability demands by developing recycled threads as well as technical threads.

Environmentally friendly investments, sustainable perspective

Durak Tekstil also took important initiatives for environmentally friendly and sustainable production in addition to investments that increase its production capacity. The company meets important environmental criteria in all its facilities and has implemented production processes in accordance with Oeko-Tex and Reach standards. Durak Tekstil, using 100% renewable energy in its Bursa facility, has taken important steps to protect natural resources, especially water. The company used 60 litres of water for 1 kg of production in the 2015-16 period, this rate has been reduced to approximately 40 litres as of today. It has achieved significant water savings in the thread production process with new techniques and technologies and is also carrying out studies for the recovery of post process wastewater.

Durak Tekstil also gives importance to the social aspect of sustainability and 63% of its 350 employees are women. Women are not only active in the production process, but also in the decision-making processes of the company. Durak Tekstil also makes significant contributions to the development of education, culture and art in the region it operates.

Durak Tekstil is about to complete its work on the Turquality certificate and is positioning itself as a global brand in its 50th year. The company, exporting to more than 75 countries, looks to the years ahead with confidence and pride with its vision of production at high standards, uninterrupted innovation and customer satisfaction.




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Founded in Bursa in 1972, Durak Tekstil sells the sewing and embroidery threads it develops and produces domestically and abroad. With production facilities located in Bursa, Turkey and China, Durak Tekstil has representative offices operating in overseas markets such as; Germany, Austria, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdom, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, South Africa, Serbia, Tunisia, Morocco, Malaysia, Russia, Romania, China and Singapore, etc. Cooperating with global brands from home and abroad, the company responds to the growing demand of the textile industry for quality and qualified products.


Products developed and produced by Durak Tekstil is preferred in ready-to-wear / apparel, embroidery, brode, shoes, denim, outdoor, automotive, mattress/quilting, and similar application areas. For more information;