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Elektroteks: We will once again show the world our difference on the occasion of Interzum

Osman Güler, Chairman of the Board of Elektroteks, said that they are ready for the show with 8 truckloads of machinery at the 600 m2 stand at the Interzum Fair.

In his interview about the Interzum Fair, Osman Güler said that they prepared for the fair very intensively and that they believe that they will get the reward of this hard work adding that they have the capacity to meet all kinds of demands that will be made at the fair with the factory and personnel investments they have made before. Electroteks Chairman of the Board of Directors, who also evaluated the possible impact of the fair on the Turkish mattress components industry, said that the fair will take Turkiye’s exports one step further.

What are your expectations from Interzum Fair?

We can say that Interzum is the world’s largest fair where bed and furniture manufacturers can find technology, components and auxiliary products together.

This fair, which takes place on 190,000 m2, hosts nearly 10,000 exhibitors. The fair, which is held every two years, could not be held 2 years ago due to the pandemic. The producers, who could not come together with their customers at the fair for a long time, are very excited and worked very meticulously for this show. I think that the fair, where we can see all world brands together, will be very competitive. The fair is an opportunity for mattress and furniture manufacturers. Mattress manufacturers will meet the latest technologies here and increase their competitive power by adding new components that will increase the comfort of the sleeping world.

We, as Elektroteks, carried out very intensive studies like all companies. We prepared for the fair with our innovative spirit, which is in the tradition of our company. We have many surprises for mattress manufacturers. As you know, we have a claim for years. We said that we have a goal of introducing mattress production with robots and having the production completely made by robots. In this direction, our work continues and the stations that we assemble with robots are increasing. In the meantime, we will have many new machine demonstrations that will facilitate the preparation stages of the manufacturers.

In short, we are ready to the show with 8 trucks full of machines in a 600 m2 stand. On the occasion of the fair, we will once again show the world the Elektroteks difference.

How will the fair affect your exports? Can we get your predictions?

In previous years, due to the size of our production area, we encountered minor demand and production capacity overlaps. Currently, we have increased our production area from 15,000 square meters to 55,000 square meters, and we have reached 350 employees from 150 employees. In addition, we have made serious machinery investments. As far as I know, there is no such production capacity under one roof among mattress machine manufacturers.Intensive R&D, serious initiatives, technological products that increase product protection, together with the efforts to eliminate human power, Elektroteks production manuals, if we add short deadlines due to quality, will eventually increase the machine process and serious explanations will be observed in our reductions.

What kind of impact do you expect the exhibition to have on the Turkish bearing components industry?

As for the impact of the fair on the Turkish mattress components industry, the increase in Elektroteks’ exports means the increase in Turkiye’s exports. As the president of IBIA, the first and only association of the sector, let me state the following; Not only Elektroteks, but also 50 companies from this sector from Turkiye are taking part in this fair, and all of them are valuable companies. We can say that he is one of the leading actors of most fairs. All of them have been preparing for the fair with serious studies for a long time and they are participating in the fair with very new products. Also, let’s not forget that we are the country with the highest number of participants after the host country. There is also a synergy among our members that you cannot see in other sectors. They also carry out studies to increase trade through data sharing among them. I believe that this fair will take our country’s exports in this sector one step further.