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Eraform exports foam machinery to the world

s37Active since 2002 and producing machinery for foam and furniture industries for ten years, Eraform sells its products under Elitecore Machinery brand.

Erhan Aksu deputy general manager of the company introduced the products and activities of the firm.

Information on the firm

As one of our firms, Eraform, we have been producing elements for joints and dealing with foreign trade. Our other firm, Elitcore, produces machinery for foam and furniture industries having an organization and trade network in China.

On foam machinery produced

We have 13 different machinery and 25 models that is sold to mattress industry for foam production, cutting, bed bandaging, packaging, pressing etc. Production capacity for a firm is a relative data. Elitcore can produce 70 to 75 machines in a month. We have about 30 percent of idle capacity for more production.

On the position of foam production in Turkey

Turkey occupies a respectful position in the world in terms of foam production and trade. With regard to the quality and services offered, Turkey is among the top four countries in central Europe. Ranking may change year after year. Germany and England take the lead alternatively.

On the importance of automation in the industry and after sales services offered

We offer sustainable and flaw – less solutions to our customers, to our solution partners, in line with their demand for contemporary technological developments. We are known with our fast and quality services both in Europe and in Asia thanks to our standard customer services.

On export markets

There are lots of countries we export our products. We have customers, businesses, services and sales in China, Russia, UAE, Middle East, Europe, UK, South and North America, New Zealand and Canada.