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Exports to 50 countries in 5 continents

Yilmar, a producer of steel and springs, exports its products to 50 countries thanks to its ability to produce customized orders of customers.

Established in 2001 in Bursa, Yilmar is one of the top-thousand exporting companies and has a good share in domestic market. Producing 50 thousand tons of steel wires annually, the company also produces standard products.

Sales and marketing manager of the company, Mesut Ulas says,”We have a factory of 30 thousand sqm where our 450 workers are operating. Our company keeps its investments and a stable growth strategy thanks to its planned investments on new machinery and training of staff. The new production line is able to produce bonel and pocket springs at various dimensions having mini and micro pocket springs in our product portfolio. Our ability to produce upon orders of our buyers produces 100 % customer satisfaction.”

“Our production process respects to the ecology and any harmful chemicals or materials are not used in the process. We also try to expand our customer segments by offering variety of products. Our products are also sold to furniture and automotive products manufacturers as well as the construction industry.”

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