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Rubateks offers everything about mattress production

Supplying products for mattress manufacturers, also exporting these products, Rubateks exports to 25 countries. Stating they were among 5 top wire manufacturers in Turkey, Oguzhan Oguz, General Manager of Rubateks said that they could supply all parts of mattresses. Informing about the industry, he pointed out that large manufacturers in the fabric industry play an important role in setting the trend in Turkey.

When Rubateks was found, what is your business?

“As Rubateks, we addresses the bed manufacturer. We represent some of the brands in the Balkans. In this way we do business. We make 100% export. The main item in mattress we offer are bed fabric, felt and single spring group. We are exporting to about 25 countries. In short, we have everything on the mattress. When a customer comes to us, he can find every need related to the mattress from felt to capsule. But we have no production. At the same time, we are a supplier of the company in England and we are among top 5 largest wire manufacturer in Turkey.”

What about mattress fabric? How production in Turkey and the world? Which countries ahead to determine trend and what’s the position of Turkey?

“Turkey now plays an important role in determining trends because it has large firms in this field. But on the other side, there is producer of this business in Europe. Due to some countries such as Belgium, Germany and Netherlands release quality mattress earlier than others, composition of fabric changing accordingly. We can say other countries are lagging behind in that field. We cannot say the same for England. There is a very expensive also very cheap mattress in the UK. Interesting beds are produced in Germany, Belgium and Netherlands. Due to manufacturing different mattress, fabrics are so different. These are our comment.”

In general, there seems to be a tendency to naturalness on mattress as in all sectors. Is this available in fabric?

“This is about supplier, marketing strategy of the company is fabric is sold more easily as how much you decorate it. Fabrics under Aleo Vera, Bamboo, anti-stress, and anti-bacterial names offered. They have really anti-stress, anti-bacterial, bamboo Aleo Vera and bamboo applications. These cause to increase price of the fabric. In the past, jacquard woven fabrics was very popular but now knitted fabrics attach much more demand. They may have a polyester content but the image, but they looks richer, more attractive and more charming. These are recently being preferred. Price scale is between weaving and knitted. Price stability also plays an important role at this point. Knitted fabric should be used on mattresses with sponge or bag spring intrinsically. But now it can be used in other spring mattress.”

Can you tell us about your export?

“We’re now exporting to 25 countries. We notably export to Balkan countries and we are active in North Africa, the Middle East and Northern Europe market. We are 100% export based company. We mostly provide supply of goods through our representatives. For example, we sell around 300-400 tons of felt per month. This corresponds to approximately 20 trucks. We sell 500 tons of wire per month. We market or sell 30-35 trucks wire and spring. We deliver about 50-60 trucks total shipments per month. We constantly strive to improve our potential. We managed that without participating in any fair so far. We will continue our way by participating in the fair this year. We will also attend different fairs in the coming years.”

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