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Good Night, Sweet Dreams With Bekaert!

s21Bekaert Textiles NV, founded in 1892 and since 2010 part of Gilde-Parcom, is a multinational company with 9 production units in 8 countries worldwide and headquarters including the global R&D center in Belgium.

The passion of the company is to develop and produce tactile, stylish and smart mattress textiles that will inspire, comfort and protect you during the night. The textile products of Bekaert dress 80,000 new beds and mattresses every day of the year, from New York to Sydney, from Helsinki to Cape Town.

Bekaert Textiles feels at home in all world markets! At interzum 2015, Bekaert Textiles focuses on service and added value for its customers. “We present ‘Nite Vision’: inspiring textiles, exciting mattresses and beds, visualized both in the virtual and in the real world. By visualizing fabrics in concepts and virtual reality, we want to inspire our customers and assist them in the development of new concepts, products and stories,” says an official of Beakert. CoverConcept -mattress covers with a storyinspires customers to be creative with Bekaert fabrics and designs.

The company focuses on the end product; beds and mattresses. By making ready-made products dressed with Bekaert fabrics, the company wants to inspire customers and help them visualizing how fabrics and designs behave manufactured into beds and mattresses. CoverConcept is all about visual communication and storytelling. Images are the primary language of the brain, great stories work for those who tell them well… At Interzum 2015, Bekaert Textiles introduces IMAGINE, a novel tool engineered to bring product development in bedding to a higher level. IMAGINE allows to design, tailor and visualize new products in no time. Visit Bekaert Textiles at interzum 2015 and experience your creativity in full 3D. If you can dream it, IMAGINE can make it.