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Innovative REVEAL™ sales and design tool for mattresses displayed at IMM Cologne

XSENSOR Technology Corporation, world leaders in pressure mapping technology, displayed REVEAL™ at IMM Cologne January 13 to 19, 2014. REVEAL™ is a mattress recommendation tool developed for retailers and manufacturers to help their customers find the most comfortable and supportive mattress for their body.

REVEAL™ offers customers real-time insights and unbiased recommendations of an appropriate mattress category which helps customers be confident that they have found the right mattress. Salespeople find the REVEAL™ three-step workflow is quick, easy to use and provides a consistent selling process that guides them through the REVEAL™ experience.

Current REVEAL™ users report increased store traffic, closing rates, average unit selling prices, customer satisfaction, quality of customer experience, and sales person credibility and expertise. A large European mattress manufacturer and retailer states, “Our closing rate was 30% and increased to 60% using REVEAL. After a year we found that our closing rates were closer to 80%.” In addition, a decreased number of product returns has also been observed.

With 1,664 sensors, REVEAL™ is available in both wireless and wired versions. The technology is built for maximum flexibility and durability for all mattress retail environments. In addition, XSENSOR also offers the REVEAL™ LITE Kiosk. The LITE Kiosk is a simple to install less costly version of the high-end REVEAL™ ARCH Kiosk. The LITE Kiosk is attractive at retail, boasting a 24” touch screen display, and is available in black or white colors. REVEAL™ also offers custom branding options letting retailers create their own unique shopping experience.