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Mert Machinery’s quality and high technology machineries at Sleep Well Expo 2019

One of the most outstanding companies in the world and the first company in Turkey in the field of mattress machines from A to Z, Mert Machinery is ready to attend to 2019 edition of Sleep Well Expo, the first and the only trade fair in the mattress industry of Turkey.

Gökhan Özgün, Electric and Electronic Engineer of Mert Machinery informs our readers about their products they will be put forward at Sleep Well Expo Show.

What kinds of preparations have you made for Sleep Well Expo? Could you mention about the products you will put forward at the show this year?

We are developing out new machines by following the everchanging necessities and new trends closely. And we are making improvement on our available machines every year. We have prepared well for the fair by carrying out all of our preparations in order to take the biggest turnout from the fair. We have made our strategic planning. We have determined our expectations and the subjects that we desire to position our target market. In addition to these, we have made preparations such as the selection of the position of the booth and determination of the machines to be exhibited.

  • Multi Needle Chain Stitch Quilting Machine which we are best at world quality and price perfprmance.
  • Multi Needle Lock Stitch Quilting Machine which is preferred both for Bedding and Textile Industry.
  • Double Head Quilting Machine which we have started for production with our long years experience.
  • Automatic Mattress Tape Edge Machine which is most preferred machine of bedding production.
  • Mattress Border Machines which is one of the auxiliary machines of the sector.
  • Automatic Mattress Compress And Roll Packing Machine which is targeted to minimize stocking and shipping costs, which has the feature of being integrated on full automatic production lines and which will meet the entire necessities of our customers including three different packing feature.
  • Automatic Mattress Production Line which reduces production costs and provides quality and increase at the productivity.

Have many years have you been exhibiting at Sleep Well Expo? What contributions do you think the fair has made for your firm and for the sector?

Sleep Well Expo is the fair that we have been participating since the first year of the fair.

Fairs are the gates opening to the world for us. We are among the first firms that participated in this fair at machine sector. The reactions that we take from our customers have become better each year. Especially European customers want to rely on the firms first, their looking to the brand they see successively for several years at the same point become different.

Potential customers who are belonging to the sector and who want to purchase service are coming to the fair area with this aim and with their own decision and agencies are benefiting from the feature of “taking attraction of the related customer to the fair organization” of specialized fairs. As the ones who are participating to the fair as visitor already have the potential of being informed about the services they are interested voluntarily and carrying out business connections as a result of this process, great easiness occurs for the participating firms.

By giving the opportunity of catching the demand directly, in a shorter time and more effective for the participating firms, it provides to obtain important gains for both sales and promotion. We are seeing fairs as very important source in the sense of following the latest developments close at the target market and at the sector as the products and the services are preferred more at the global arena. To be able to be successful in our present day in such an intense competition becomes possible by using some marketing tools as well as other factors. Here, one of the most important one of these marketing tools is well- organized specialized fairs. In case of being used well, a fair is the perfect way to enter a new market and a new country.

Have you already scheduled your 2020 event program?

We can say that 90% of our fair schedule has been set and the certain fairs in our fair schedule are as follows:

North Caroline/ America ISPA Fair on March 14-16,

Guangzhou/ China INTERZUM Fair on March 28-31.

Which countries do you export and which ones do you target for exports?

We are exporting 99% of our production, because of this; our potential market is the whole world. We have realized export to 98 countries from 7 continents. We are seeing the countries that we haven’t exported yet as the target.

Would you evaluate the position of Turkey in terms of mattress manufacturing?

Slowdown is inevitable by virtue of the developments in the world. But the mattress industry doesn’t lodge in these developments. Around the world, mattress industry and its sub -industry continue their development at innovative products because bed has become a stuff that increases the life quality of the people in addition to be a basic need.

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