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NERTEKS adds value on mattresses with quality yarns

s26Producing quality yarn for the Turkish mattress industry Nerteks increased its capacity and accelerated R&D studies.

Pointing out that the sector has been developing in Turkey every day, Muhammed Said Erdogan, proprietor of Nerteks outlined the current situation of the sector and underlined that the quality of yarn is very important to produce a quality mattress adding that Turkish manufacturers invested in the most advanced technologies at the right time and this reflected on production. Details of the interview with Mr. Erdogan:

What is the role of mattress sub-industry products in mattress?

A good quality mattress could only be produced at optimal efficiency & cost with quality ingredients. The objective of a mattress manufacturer is to run his production at the highest efficiency and with minimum cost by utilizing his machines and human resources. The reliability of the “ subindustry “ or, the suppliers’ quality standards determine the ultimate success of production processes. It is not only the common parameters, such as hygiene / durability / strength etc. but the availabil – ity of the carefully sourced raw materials are inevitable. Amongst the other ingredients such as: Felt / non-woven backing fabric / foam / mattress ticking / tapes / springs ; thread is a fundamental element to finish the quality mattress. The mattress manufacturer cannot underestimate the role of a qual – ity thread; it is difficult to repair a mattress during the continuous production, as it will be costly and the time will be lost. The machines (multi-needle quilting / frame quilters / border processing equipment etc.) run to generate profit if the thread has been carefully selected.

How developed is Turkish mattress sub-industry? What differences are there between Turkish and World mattress sub-industries?

The mattress subindustries in Turkey are perfectly well established. Although the history of production is relatively short in comparison with the other producers in the western world; however, the quality standards are second to none .The Turkish producers in various subindustries which supply the products to finish a mattress have already invested for the best technology at the right time for optimal results. They all source for best raw materials to optimize their own production in fair competition . The consequences of such developments are highly visible which are successfully reflected in the most efficient mattress production in Turkey as compared with many other countries.

What should be done to improve this sector? What are your suggestions?

We, as NERTEKS IPLIK Ltd, are highly proud of the present position of mattress sub-industry. This sector already achieved a worldclass reputation. NERTEKS IPLIK, amongst the other suppliers, is offering their thread products at worldwide standards and attractive prices. There are different types of sewing threads suitable for any machine which are the fundamental elements for nonstop mattress production processes. Consequently, the mattress manufacturers are confident that, NERTEKS IPLIK, supply threads to produce fault-free mattresses.

Would you like to add anything special?

NERTEKS IPLIK Ltd. is a well-established and high quality sewing thread manufacturer sourcing the right quality raw materials in order to serve the Turkish mattress Industry. This is a world-class service with the most attractive price levels. We believe that the Turkish mattress industry deserves the quality products from the sub-industries to preserve the highly reputable present position which were achieved during the recent years. We will try our best to maintain the quality standards supplying the efficient threads for the Turkish mattress industry for all kinds of machines.