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Nerteks spares no effort to increase its share

Supplying sewing yarn to bed manufacturers for years Nerteks increases both its capacity and development activities.

Selling its products in neighboring Balkans and European countries the company puts more effort to increase its share in the market. Firat Akinci, sales representative of the company, introduced their activities to Sleep Well magazine:

Narteks produces yarn for 45 years

Foundation of Nerteks was laid down in 1971 by Nail Erdogan and the company has become a trusted partner for businesses in textile accessories and sewing yarn sectors. Yarns are produced at the factory in Hadimkoy, Istanbul, and Kucukkoy/Elmabahce.

Yarn is important in quilts

Sewing yarns produced in our factory mostly are sold to bed manufacturers. We have special yarns for the needs of our customers by having a wide range of product varieties, including hot 69 and 80 no.s, denim yarns 30 and polymax yarns 35 that have been branded. It is thought that the effects of sewing yarn is not as important as other inputs such as fabrics, springs, foams and other materials. However, we took our production seriously to prevent any problem during and after the production processes. Yarn is the input that took the beds in unity; it combines different materials together. So it is important for both quality and productivity.


Our products is sold manufacturing companies in many countries including Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Germany, Brazil, Togo, Iraq, Egypt, Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Rumania and Bulgaria.

New Investments

This year we renovated of yarn spinning machinery and expanded their ranges. Capacity of cocoon wrapping machinery was increased by %30. Actually, customers demand certain yarns for their manufacturing; their needs do not change much. However, we try to develop the performance ratios of our yarns even more in our lab. With our technology and experience we proved ourselves as a serious and dependable solution partner of our customers. Our production power and quality is improving year after year. We aim a bigger share in the markets we are in.