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Nova Sünger: “We Export to More than 50 Countries”

Nova Sünger, exporting to more than 50 countries and producing wire, spring and sponge, is determined to increase its exports and production capacity.

You are one of the leading companies in your sector. Can you tell us about your establishment story and the investments you have made so far?

As a Nova Sünger company, it operates in Sakarya. In the production of sponge, steel and bonnell and pocket springs, our company is among the leading companies in Europe. We are a company that gives importance to R&D. We shape our investments by following technology and innovations.

You produce wire, spring and sponge in the mattress sector. Will we see you in other areas of the mattress sector in the coming years?

We prefer to grow by focusing on the products we produce, specializing and increasing our production capacity with investments.

Do you experience raw material problems in production processes?

We are not experiencing any problems.

Which countries do you export to and are there any countries you want to expand to?

As Nova Sünger, we export to over 50 countries. Our marketing department manages the process in line with sales targets.

Do you participate in domestic and international fairs?

We were participating in domestic and international fairs before the pandemic. During the pandemic process, fair organizations were limited. As of 2022, our fair participation will start again in the country and abroad.