Anasayfa / ACTUEL / Sefox Adhesives: We believe that we will generate opportunities to develop ourselves more at Interzum

Sefox Adhesives: We believe that we will generate opportunities to develop ourselves more at Interzum

Orhun Duran, Export Specialist of Sefox Adhesives, said that they will be at Interzum Cologne Fair to follow the technological innovations related to globalization.

Orhun Duran stated that their goal at the fair was to meet with their existing customers and develop their commercial relations, and to establish new connections with potential customers they could not reach, emphasizing that the Turkish mattress industry is constantly developing and adding that they believe that Turkey will play an important role in the process of monitoring and determining trends.

What are your expectations from Interzum Fair?

Our expectations are to develop our commercial relations with our existing customers and to listen to them, to understand how we can contribute as their solution partners. Besides, we wish to establish the first contact in order to find new customers and become solution partners in markets that we are not effective or can’t reach.

What effect will the fair have on your exports? Can we get your predictions?

Today, there are changes in demands and quantity of demands depending on the change in supply with globalization, technological developments and continuous growth of the market. We want to follow these innovations closely and do our best to take ourselves to the next level. We hope that we will expand our exports with our new customers, as well as the customers we continue to work with, and generate opportunities where we can improve both them and us.

What kind of impact do you expect the exhibition to have on the Turkish bearing components industry?

When we look at the export data of Turkey, we see that the exports of the mattress sector stakeholders show an increasing trend. Our country is in the position of a giant factory where all mattress components are produced and exported to all corners of the world for these quality goods produced with the added value it makes. We see that 184 companies producing all these components participated in the fair in our country. We hope that we will be exporting to 184 countries as well as 184 exhibitors. At the same time, we believe that thanks to the remaining 1359 participants, important steps will be taken to follow current technological developments and trends and bring them to our country.