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The leading brand with effective communication


Egesan Elyaf focuses on customer satisfaction and never compromises on quality by fulfilling every wish of its consumers.

The company, which puts quality first in production and has an unlimited tolerance in meeting customer demands, stands out as a pioneer and leading company in its field. Egesan Elyaf constantly improves its products and service understanding and attaches great importance to customer satisfaction. The company that strengthens its connection with its consumers with a strong communication, wants to continue to grow at home and abroad. Egesan Elyaf opens its doors to all kinds of innovations in order to become a preferred brand in the sector by further developing. We asked Ayhan Ege, the owner of the brand, which makes its position better with its strong and innovative products, about the product range and future plans of Egesan Elyaf.

First of all, I want to start my questions by asking the year 2020. What experiences have you had in the past year?

We are a company that generally achieves the growth rates we target each year. When we look at 2020, we increased our growth rate even more and achieved an average of 3 years of growth. During the pandemic period, there have been many changes in our lives. Due to the pandemic that negatively affected the whole world, we had to do our trainings on the internet. In addition, we included our meetings in our lives online. We worked in the best way to keep up with the changing conditions and passed this period efficiently.

I want to get information about your production capacity and product range. I would also like to learn your usage areas.

Our monthly production capacity is 250 tons. We have products such as fiber wadding, silicon fiber wadding, microgel fiber, wool fiber wadding, bead fiber in our product range. Our areas of use include sectors such as textile clothing, furniture, heating-cooling, and automotive. We always plan to increase our production capacity with the best conditions and solutions. As the leading company in the sector, we are open to all kinds of innovations.

What are your most demanded products?

All of our products are loved and preferred by our customers, but fiber wadding and microgel fiber are among our most preferred products. It makes us very happy that our consumers love and show interest in our products. For this reason, we always work with similar companies. This shows that they are satisfied with us.

What are you doing in R&D and innovation? Do you have any work for new products?

We continue to work with our expert staff to contribute to our company in the fields of production and marketing. We want to make different researches as a team and increase our reputation in the sector in order to always achieve better. We want to make a better return to our customers’ demands on R&D and innovation with the work we will do in the future.

How do you provide raw material supply?

We buy 90% of the raw material supply from the domestic market and 10% from abroad.

What are the factors you care most about? What would you say about what makes you different from your competitors?

We never compromise on quality. First of all, we strive to provide the best service for our customers. This is among our immutable principles. Our relations with our customers have always been very good and we believe this situation will continue in the future. We are a huge family. We have no doubts about this. Therefore, we are in a different position than our other competitors in the sector. We work customer-oriented and this is what makes us the most different.

Which countries do you export to and what is your export target for 2021? Also, what is the ratio of your exports to your total sales?

We aim to expand our export target and reach more countries. For now, we export to countries such as the Netherlands, Israel and Moldova, but the number of these countries will increase in the future. The rate of our exports in our total sales is 10%. We will develop our export network and bring more foreign currency to our country.

Finally, what are your biggest goals in the industry?

We want to contribute to the economy of our country with our rational investments. We aim to support our state in employment. We want to be one of the leading brands in the sector by enlarging our machine park and bringing our monthly production volume to the best points.