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Anasayfa / Etiket Arşivi: bed

Etiket Arşivi: bed

Nerteks, a Professional brand in industrial yarns and threads.

Nerteks is a customer oriented industrial thread manufacturer in Istanbul, Turkey. With a rich heritage coming from 1969, the company provides an extensive variety of industrial yarns, threads and textile sub-products. Since 1999, our high technology thread manufacturing plant has ...

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2017 would be a year of innovation for Form Sünger

Form Sünger would launch a series of innovative products in 2017 Arif Emre Ölmeztoprak, Export Manager of Form Sünger briefed information on the Company and also pointed out, “One of the largest foam suppliers to the bed industry, Form Sünger increases ...

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Boyçelik targets to increase its exports by 25% in 2017

Increasing its exports by 20% in 2016, Boyçelik is determined to penetrate into new markets by increasing its exports 25% in 2017 We have recently interviewed Feridun Tosun, Sales and Marketing Manager of Boyçelik.  Feridun Tosun pointed out, “Based in Kayseri, ...

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Bed Covers starts at new facility

    Having been in the business since 1989 as high volume producer of textiles, the Bed Covers moved in a new factory in 2016, equipped with latest Technologies and started to produce more specific bed covers. Deputy general manager ...

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Coverteks aims to set trends in bedding sector

Coverteks is a firm that was established in order to breathe new life into the bedding sector which has been making a rapid progress all around the world. Under the title of washable mattress cover production, it has a goal ...

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