Anasayfa / Etiket Arşivi: machinery (sayfa 5)

Etiket Arşivi: machinery

New visco bed and pillow series by Viscotex

Producing orthopedic mattress and pillows since 1996, Viscotex has been continuing healthy and environmentally friendly products. Pointing out that they have been producing 200 thousand pillows and 2 thousand mattresses on their premises located on an area of 5 thousand ...

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Arda Chemicals develops water-based adhesives

Developing water-based adhesives Arda chemicals fastened the process. One of the inputs of bed manufacturing, new adhesives are also developed in line with technology. Mustafa Turunc, general manager of Arda company, introduced their products and company. On research activities We ...

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Eraform exports foam machinery to the world

Active since 2002 and producing machinery for foam and furniture industries for ten years, Eraform sells its products under Elitecore Machinery brand. Erhan Aksu deputy general manager of the company introduced the products and activities of the firm. Information on ...

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Nova continues to grow in 2015

Established by Aydın Group, Nova Sünger draws attention with rapidly increasing capacity, product range and market growth. Having grown around 30% last year, Nova has been leaping forward for the past three years. The current product range of the company ...

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