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Tesla: A new bed fabric of Comfytex

tesla1Having magnetic properties Tesla fabrics improves blood circulation during sleep.

New products in fabrics demanded by bed industry are flourishing. Comfytex is one of the companies launching new series for the bed industry. Selim Sahin, Comfytex business manager introduced Tesla and research activities in his company.

On performance of the company in 2014 and expectations for 2015

It was good for us. Daily production was up to 9 tons and shifts were three. We got certificate of ecology, organized an R&D team and developed our production planning process, reduced stoppages and wastes. 45 machines are operational in our factory of 8,5 thousandsqm.

In 2015 we aimed higher sales in exports by selling more countries. Our target is to increase the share of exports up to 70 %. It is now 50%.

We started a new project to produce industrial hygienic bed fabric. Fabrics will be produced more hygienically in our factory thanks to new measures we have taken. It will be launched in Interzum fair.

On export activities

We sell our products to 35 countries. We have to focus on majorbuyers for sustainable business relationships. Sustainability requires fast delivery and balanced prices. America and Brazil are our majör targets for 2015. We participate in Interzum fair in Germany.

On R&D and production development departments

Our latest products are in unique series that include detox, alphazone,multivitamin, air plus fabrics.


There are some substances which are available in everything that we eat and they are harmful. They are named as toxins. These toxic substances partly come from the water and food; partly occurs in body. Toxic substances called free radicals that results in the contamination of nature enter into the body by inhalation, food and beverages. Diseases occur from physiological balance disorder and toxin accumulation in the body. So the way of disease prevention is to equilibrate the physiological balance and eliminating toxin from the body. Detox progress is eliminating accumulated toxins from the body. Our body does it naturally. However, conditions such as malnutrition caused by the modern life, air pollution, sleeplessness, inaction, little consumption of water put our body to trouble in our body’s self-perpetuation process. As a result of this hard effort our body both redundantly works off energy and disrupts its functions because of nonfulfillment of the self-perpetuation.


Detox ticking is a product made by mixture of the different ceramic and minerals. The mixture of the minerals creates FIR (Far-Infrared Rays). Far Infrared Rays are the part of invisible solar rays’ spectrum.

Besides they are known as biogenetical rays too. Biogenetical rays supply the health and growing of the cells in plants, animals and human. Human body is composed of 70 percent water by weight. FIR causes the vibration of water molecules.

Far Infrared Rays improve circulation and health by activates and ionize water molecules in our cells and blood. Far Infrared Rays enters in cells and create the water molecules vibration. Waves produce the atomical molecule vibrations. Energy conversion occurs through absorption. FIR enters the cells under the skin layer. Cells are activated. Capillaries enlarge. The Detox effect is created by fragmentation accumulated toxin.


Electrical signals spread from the brain can be measured by receivers connecting to the head. The signals measured by the tool called Electroencephalogram are called brain waves. Alpha waves  locating in these waves provide comfort, awareness and receptivity. When alpha waves are normal, the body performance is saved and calmness and tranquility are provided.

According to the experiments, it is stated that subjects who closed their eyes spread the brain waves.


The importance of sleep for a healthy life is rather great. A quality sleep brings a healthy life in its wake. Sleep provides the human body physically and psychologically rebuilds itself. Body restsand rebuilds itself in the sleep environment. Tiredness, stress, environmental pollution, sun and malnutrition cause the skin aging. The secret of having a healthy skin supplies with multivitamins’ support. The body’s nutrition on a bed including vitamin complex and having a healthy skin while sleeping is possible with Multivitamin ticking. Multivitamin ticking with thanks to included vitamin complex moistens the skin during sleeping, keeps safe from the free radicals and helps renewing of the cells. Vitamins contained in Multivitamin ticking have regenerative effects on the skin.


Air Plus

Air Plus ticking has the feature of ion-exchange property through mineral, ion and natural active substances that include in it. The ion-exchange property affects the oxygen and the hydrogen in air and attribute to odors, bacteria and detrimental substances. It then obliterates the factors with the strong oxidation reaction. Air Plus ticking obliterates the odors such as cigarette smell, body odors, smell of sweat and frowziness through unbundle and chemical and physical absorption and has air-cleaning property. Air Plus ticking with its skin-friendly texture create a healthier environment for sleeping by obliterating the evil and harmful molecules.

On the fabric named Tesla

It is a fabric having natural magnetic properties. Avicenna has found that magnetic stones reduce pains and improve blood circulation. Tests made in the university showed that it improves sleep quality. Ferro in hemoglobin that carry oxygen to cells, were attracted by magnetism thus provide comfort.

On customer response

We have been getting positive responses from our customers for six months. Serious feedbacks are coming for our quality and patterns. Our customers in Europe are more conscious on quality than the ones in domestic market. We are also trying to educate our customers, bed producers, in the details of application of our fabrics help them to improve their production and product qualities.